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WP changed format of my pictures? - Why??

  1. achristmaschild

    yay! thanks again~

  2. Hi, I think I'm on the right thread. I regularly use the scaling option in my blog, And, when the posts publish on the home page, they are fine. However, when I use my menu to go back to older posts, the pictures are huge, back to the size they were before I used the percentage scaling options when writing the posts. I haven't read all the comments here, but it seems there is a fix for this that must we done by WordPress? If so, would you please "push" this fix to my blog as the sizes are overwhelming when trying to review old posts. Again, my blog is Thank you.

  3. Greetings--All my pictures turned huge, too! I would love for them to be fixed.

  4. I ran the fixer on your blogs, and they look good now.

  5. Thank you!

  6. You're welcome!

  7. catrutgers4art

    Looks like is working now!
    Thank you, macmanx!

  8. Perfect. Many thanks!!

  9. Thank you!
    Your help is very much appreciated.

  10. Hi,
    my blog seems to be having the same trouble.

    Please lend your expertise!

    Thanks again.

  11. Is there a way to avoid this in the future? my picture format are changed too and it is a lot of work to resize them again.
    Does anyone has an idea what causes it?

  12. I hesitate to ask you cause you guys must have a lot of work... But, can you run the same script for my blog which is It's a private blog but I assume that that will give you no problems...!

    Thanks in advance,

    Ruud van Mens

  13. I IA opposite has happened. I publish my photos to 640x425 and suddenly all I have been reduced. Anyone know how to fix it. Uses simple.
    My blog is

  14. musiccredo, it won't happen again in the future, but I can't fix anything without knowing which blog URL is affected.

    I have runthe fixer on everyone else up to this point.

    japobo, I ran the fixer on your blog too, just in case it was the same issue. If that didn't fix it, please start a new thread or contact us via

  15. Thanks a lot. It's now 22.30 over here. I check tomorrow.



  16. You're welcome!

  17. Dear macmanx,

    My blog of images were off as well.

    Appreciate ur help in this.


  18. Hi. I am still experiencing problems with my four company blogs. I have asked you several times, but never received an answer. The old blogs is fixed, but new blogs that I activate still have huge pictures. Can you please make it so that I can activate correct blogs and send them to my readers. It is:,, and

  19. All blogs up to this point have been fixed.

  20. Tks macmanx,

    Ur response were superb fast.

    Great Day!

  21. You're welcome!

  22. Thank you so much, Macmanx! :) It looks so much better! But what do I do from now on? The pictures that I am previewing for the blog that will be activated tomorrow still looks huge. Am I doing something wrong when I am working with sizing the pictures?

  23. Muchas gracias macmanx. Todo perfecto !!!
    Felices Navidades !!!

  24. @musiccredo
    You asked me to give you entrance to my private website. I cannot do that cause it is only for members of our association of owners.



  25. @ruudvanmens Well concerning your reaction on the WP board I thought you wanted to share problems concerning themes and picture problems. Well it is fine for me.

    I am gladd that @macmanx is there to help us out!
    Still I wonder where the problems come from.. just curious.
    Luckily it is solved very fast, much compliments for that.

  26. lauritzblog, the fixer does not correct drafts, so those will need to be corrected after publishing. All other future (currently unwritten) posts will be just fine.

    musiccredo, the problem was detailed back on page 1:

    Please let us know if you have any more questions!

  27. @macmanx

    Everything looks good, but there is a page with pictures that are not good. The maximum width of the images in the theme is Digg 3 471 pixels. If I set the pictures to 471 pixels are too small. When I enlarged the pictures to 682 pixels, then there is a large space under the pictures. Does this have to do with the problem discussed here?
    Because this is a private website I publish here the HTML of this page.

    <img class = "align center wp-image-2421" title = "Monthly 11/31/2011" src = "" alt = "" width = "682" height = "353" />
    <img class = "align center wp-image-2422" title = "Weekly 11/31/2011" src = "" alt = "" width = "682" height = "353" />
    On this page you can see how much you use the site.
    The charts are current as of November 2011.

    I hope you can help.


    Ruud Van Mens

  28. The script fixed my previous posts when it was run, but new posts I add now still have the same problem.

    It's ridiculous to have to request a special script to be run on my blog by WordPress staff every time I add a new post.

    Is there any news yet from WP about why the issue still hasn't been resolved or why the changes that caused these problems haven't been rolled back?

    Surely with so many people suffering the problem whatever tweaks were made to the code to cause the image issues could be removed and then tested fully before being made live again?

  29. ...or perhaps a moderator could advise us of a way to run this script on our own blogs in future, so we don't have to keep posting here with requests to have our blogs fixed?

  30. krapoarboricole

    Hu guys,

    everything is ok on my first blog (

    but there is still some probblems on the 2nd :

    could you fix it ?

    Thanks in advance for your help !

    Have a nice day.

    (sorry for my broken english - writing to you from France)

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