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WP changed format of my pictures? - Why??

  1. Hello! Not sure if this is quite the same problem, but when my photos are posted at their original sizes that are within the main column width, the posted photo is slightly larger than the actual photo, resulting in a decrease in sharpness and overall picture quality. On the other hand, if you click on the photo to view it alone, it shows up in its actual size with its original quality. This gets frustrating, because it defeats the whole purpose of posting the photos in a size that shouldn't need to be clicked on to see the full quality. :( Here's a post as an example...all of the photos in this particular post are sized to be within the size of the main column, and set at 72 ppi:

    Otherwise, let me know if there's another forum thread that this should belong in! Thanks for your help!

  2. my blog is

    The post "Australia - part 2" is the only post done directly on WordPress. *All other* posts were imported from Blogger.

    I never reduced the size of my photos when uploading them to Blogger so although they look small on the blog page they are quite large files. And they came over to WordPress that way - large(ish) files that look small on the page.

    I started with Australia - part 1, then Bali part 4, Bali part 3, etc slowly working my way back through the posts resizing the photo files (making them smaller), but having them look bigger on the blog page. Of the posts where I have done the resizing all horizontal photos are 1280 pixels width, all vertical are 875 or 900 height. All are resolution 72.

    In the post "Australia part 1" when you click on any photo to enlarge it it simply enlarges and fills the monitor space, then you can go back to the post after looking at the enlarged photo.

    This is also true in the post "Bali part 4" UP UNTIL the first photo of egrets. When you click on the photo of Goa Gajah it opens as described above.

    The next photo is one of egrets and when you click on it to enlarge it it opens into a page that has the blog and post titles, the search and comment features, and worst of all none of the vertical photos fit on the screen. *All photos* that I resized after this one do the same thing. So suddenly, in the middle of a post, when I've done nothing differently from the first half of the post, or the previous post (Australia part 1) the format changes. For no apparent reason.

    I'm completely puzzled by this, and don't like it at all. I hope someone can help me change this so that they open like the photos in "Australia part 1" and the first half of "Bali part 4".

    I can see that the coding has changed but I don't know why.

    In case this can help here's the coding of a photo that enlarges the way I want it (simply filling the screen with no wording around it)
    <img class="aligncenter size-large wp-image-1982" title="" src="" alt="" width="1024" height="768" />

    And here's the coding of a photo that has all the writing around it (blog and post titles etc)
    <img class="aligncenter size-large wp-image-2036" title="" src="" alt="" width="1024" height="699" />

    I hope this is clear, and that someone can help. I'm not very good at the technical language.


    The blog I need help with is

  3. And again - I see the coding just does it's own thing no matter what I post, so i will leave off the < at the beginning of both

    Full screen
    a href=""><img class="aligncenter size-large wp-image-1982" title="" src="" alt="" width="1024" height="768" />

    Writing around
    a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-2036"><img class="aligncenter size-large wp-image-2036" title="" src="" alt="" width="1024" height="699" />

  4. ...when you're leaving code in the Forum surround it using the 'tick', it's the key in the upper left-hand corner of your keyboard, under the ~

    <img class="reflect aligncenter" src="http://somethinghere.jpg" alt="alt text here" width="640" height="525" />

  5. geekyhooker and alisonanddon, I have ran the fixer on your blogs.

    If you had the same problem as everyone else in this thread, it should be fixed. If not, please open a new thread.

  6. feartheseeds - thanks for the tip.

    macmanx thanks but it's not fixed :(

    I don't think it's the same problem others had. My photos don't keep changing size in the blog. It's that when they're clicked on to enlarge they show up surrounded by blog and post titles, search and comment options etc instead of it just being the photo (only bigger).

    And it was OK and then changed suddenly in the middle of a post and hasn't changed back again.

  7. OK just got the bit about opening a new thread.

  8. they show up surrounded by blog and post titles, search and comment options etc instead of it just being the photo (only bigger).

    That's not waht I see using Firfox 13.0. I click on images in your blog and I see them at full size all by themselves on their own [pages.

    You are uploading HUGE images
    Here is an example:
    1,280px × 935px (scaled to 763px × 558px)
    Here's another example:
    1,280px × 1,101px (scaled to 648px × 558px)

    Troubleshooting images >

  9. Yes I'm pretty new at this. On Blogger I didn't resize at all because I didn't know any better.

    It was suggested to me that 1280 x whatever for horizontal, and 900 x whatever for vertical, would be a good size. Obviously not.

    What size would you suggest?

    I'll check out the troubleshooting link.


  10. You may find that images you re-size after uploading into your blog lose some color and sharpness. If you want better image quality and don't want to waste your image storage space I have explained my approach here >

  11. timethief did you click on an image that I've resized in an earlier post? That's the problem. The enlarging of images in Australia parts 1 and 2 and the first half of Bali part 4 are fine.

    What happens when you click on the last image in the Bali part 4 post?

    Thank you. I don't think it's a problem photo size, though obviously I need to make them even smaller.

  12. At the moment I'm resizing in Photoshop, deleting the photo that was imported from Blogger, and replacing it with the resized one. I'll look into your link. Thanks.

  13. Finally figured out the best way to show you what the problem is.

    This is an enlarged photo with nothing around it:
    Every photo I uploaded prior to this one enlarges the same as this. (All photos in Australia part 1 and 2, and the first half of Bali part 4)

    This is the photo immediately following the one above enlarged:
    Every photo I uploaded after this one enlarges like this. (Second half of Bali part 4 and Bali parts 1, 2 and 3, and the first part of Tiru part7) (Posts prior to that are still imported as is from Blogger)

    The format suddenly changed and I can't work out why.

    This is the code for the first photo
    <a href=""><img class="aligncenter wp-image-2029" title="" src="" alt="" width="529" height="480" /></a>

    This is the code for the second photo
    <a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-2376"><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-2376" title="" src="" alt="" width="529" height="386" /></a>

    As you can see they're different. I hope you can help. In the meantime I can see I have to resize even smaller than I have been doing.

  14. Unfortunately mine doesn't look like it's been fixed either. :( I've posted a separate thread on this previously, but I didn't get any results from there either. Is this an issue that might be fixed in the future?

  15. Geekyhooker I think we have different issues. I don't have an issue with image quality or size.

  16. My issue has been resolved here: Thank you!

    But as I said, it's a different issue than yours geekyhooker

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