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WP Database Export

  1. I am moving to Drupal and having a new site built - I would like to receive a copy of my WP database onto a site I nominate so my team can handle the migration. Is this something you can do? There seems to be an issue with having a premium theme, can you explain whether a database copy is possible regardless of the premium theme? Thanks, Bill

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can't get a database backup to transfer your blog from WordPress.COM.

    You are limited to transferring content using the Export function. That will move, Posts, Pages and attached media (pictures etc.)

  3. Hello AuxClass,

    If I pay for a guided transfer - is that any different from exporting the XML for posts using the dashboard?

    Thanks, Bill.

  4. The export function doesn't cover media, only the text, categories and tags, BTW.

  5. The export will export ATTACHED media, this is media that is attached to a Post or Page (you might also need to click on a check box during the import process to make sure the media is imported)

    Media that is not attached will not be imported.

    I don't know if the guided transfer includes unattached media or not. I will flag this for staff attention

  6. I'm puzzled, I've looked at the XML export from my site, it's around 7Mb, it contains the URL of attached images, but not the images themselves. Is this what you mean?

    When I click Export, and select all the options, there isn't any other option to download the actual images themselves.

    Or am I missing what you mean?


  7. it contains the URL of attached images, but not the images themselves. Is this what you mean?

    Yes - the xml file only contains links, the media is transferred during the import process, that is why both blogs need to be online and reachable for the import to work.

  8. Hi Bill - The Guided Transfer is the same procedure. All your media files should come over; just be sure when you import to check the "download and import file attachments" option on the import screen of your new site:

  9. @eurello - Does the Guided Transfer transfer the Unattached Media (not used in Posts or Pages) also?


  10. No, I don't believe the unattached media transfers either way.

  11. Thanks, I saw one answer that implied maybe the unattached also came across, but the wording was a bit vague, and to get unattached media (and sometimes media is "attached" but no longer referenced by a Post or Page, which makes things more complex) - I would think special tools would need to be built with a pile of error checking to check every item in the media library which would be a significant tool to build.

    thanks for the clarification

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