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    Hi there,

    I’m really hoping someone could help me with this. I just started a blog on WordPress.com and wanted to add plugins and found out that I need to be on WP.org instead. So I paid for hosting (at least got the trial version) from Dreamhost and tried moving the blog there but just got overwhelmed and confused to the point that I figured it would be best to let someone who knows what they’re doing do it, so I set up an oDesk job to get help. The person I hired said there was a problem with the mapping. I had originally bought the domain through WordPress but apparently there is a mapping problem now. Here is what he said:

    “When I want to install wordpress through dreamhost it just redirects me to the .com blog URL and does not allow me to install the WordPress
    when I want to install http://www.veloliving.com/site/wp-admin/install.php it directs me to the http://veloliving.wordpress.com/site/wp-admin/install.php with “Page Not found” Error”

    Any ideas what I should do from here?

    Thanks for your help!

    The blog I need help with is veloliving.com.


    You need to go into the domain management in http://veloliving.wordpress.com/ and change the DNS records and point it at dreamhost.

    You also need to update the primary domain (see #3 in this link) and click the button adjacent to the wordpress.com URL and save.



    Hi, thanks for the quick help!

    I don’t think its possible to change the DNS for veloliving.wordpress.com. There is an option under domains for veloliving.com, but not veloliving.wordpress.com.

    Any ideas?

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