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WP XPERT Equals Top Notch Tutorials

  1. Yep that's right a new blog has been born that is geared towards tutorials and workarounds for bare in mind that the site was created last night so the site is pretty bare with a couple of posts but new posts will be coming down the pipe line quickly & steady so if you would like to learn more about then I recommend bookmarkiing this URL »

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Nice looking teck! I love that new theme, unfortunately it wouldn't look good on my blog but looks fabulous with yours.

  3. @bats glad you liked the blog theme thanks for the blog compliment.

    I also checked out your site and bookmarked it for future reading. = )

  4. Newest Article that covers well known work around's for Gravatar Troubles
    Whys My Gravatar Not Displaying « WP XPERT

  5. I like the layout. I've bookmarked to read later (my 'bookmark to read later' blog list is getting longer by the day). :-)

  6. Some of you may have noticed I changed the blog name from WP FAQ to WP XPERT, the reason why is because I felt that WP FAQ could become confused with the support pages when someone is searching for the blog through search engines.

  7. Nice blog T3ck. Wouldn't you know it - I just published a post on gravatars, avatars and balavatrs the covers the whole nine yards.

  8. Thanks TT, No I wasn't aware of your Gravatar post I'll check it out later tonight!!! = )

  9. New Tutorial post inspired by an comment left on my blog. » How To Correctly Use The Top Rated Widget

  10. New article Custom header image workaround for the theme Motion « WP XPERT

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