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    I recently migrated an old Blogger blog over to WordPress and also transferred the domain: http://germangrinds.com/

    So far so good: It looks much better than Blogger and I have even started writing new posts as the old one was so ugly even I didn’t dare view it. ;-)

    The issue I am having now is that even though the URL clearly points to the new WP blog when I enter it in Google Reader via “Add a subscription” using Chrome as a browser it takes the feed from the derelict Blogger account which is obviously not what I want.

    I have no idea how to fix this. Can someone help?


    The blog I need help with is germangrinds.com.



    Are you using the link:

    http://germangrinds.com/feed/ ?

    It working correctly in my browser:Firefox 4, after subscribing with Igoogle. the Feed links back to http://germangrinds.com/… the wordpress.com blog.



    Thanks for the info!

    No, I had just tried subscribing to the blog without the additional /feed/ info as this usually does the trick for me with other blogs.

    I just checked and once I enter the /feed/ it does indeed now link to the new WP blog.

    I have now also cleared out my cache and browse history but once I enter the link without /feed/ it still (at least for me) links to the old blog.

    I still would prefer if the subscription works properly with or without /feed/ but at least one part of the mystery is solved. ;-)



    Glad to help.

    just another tip if you wish to put a widget in so your Readers can subscribe easily:

    If you follow your dashboard left column–>Appearance–> Widgets
    you can add the “RSS links” Widget

    Also this support link maybe useful



    Ah, thanks for the info! Will look into this further over the weekend.



    That was actually simple enough: Have now added this widget. ;-)

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