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WP Forum responses lost in moderation.

  1. For the past few days my comments in the Support Forum have been moderated... looking for a reason, or a solution. Preferably the latter.

    For example, I responded twice to emmamulligan, but the responses were lost to moderation -- I can see them when logged in, but they disappear when I log out, and the thread was never bumped:
    Blog url:

  2. ...test.

  3. So... I can post responses here, but not here:

  4. hey there :)

  5. Weird. Until I'm fixed, it'd be great if someone could help emmamulligan, she kind of got lost in here:

  6. I went to that thread and flagged it for Staff attention. When you post a comment watch for the thread to display the last poster. If it's not you then what's happened is that only you can see your comment as it's in Akismet's belly (false positive for spam) and Staff have to fish it out. To test this simply log out clear your cache and cookies and look at the thread. If you can't see your comment while logged out then it's in the spam filter.

  7. @feartheseeds - when you are stuck in the spam filter or moderated - - flag the thread for attention then add something like

    feartheseeds stuck in spam filter

    It happens to everyone -

  8. Thanks. Cookie dance performed. She might have quit her blog. I hope not, I feel a little / lot guilty for not going back to check that the thread got bumped and she got lost and all...

  9. It happens to everyone -

    Now I don't feel so lonely...

  10. @feartheseeds
    Click this TT's comment in spam filter

  11. @TT - now I feel like a piker with only one stuck in the filter -

  12. ...I was in and out within an hour a week ago. Frustrating. Thanks for the moral support, I appreciate it.

  13. ...actually, I checked both your links, and that level of response loss is kind of crazy. And now TT is lost.

    I hope this gets fixed soon because I know the Forum can't survive without my wisdom.

  14. @auxclass
    lol :D it's a low volume spam day for my comments

    Yo! Be aware that it usually takes hours for Staff to appear and fisgh the comments out of the spam filter.

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