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WP MX record needed to forward personal email to Gmail account

  1. I recently upgraded to domain mapping on my WP blog
    I changed the DNS name servers so now it's pointing to WP.
    I set up a Google Apps account so I can use this as a place to forward my domain email address [email redacted]
    Problem is that the password I type in isn't being recognized. It shows that I've set up a google apps account and when I try to reset the password nothing goes through. I'm told that I may not have the proper MX records for my google apps account?
    If this is the case, do I need a "custom MX record for my account or a just a generic MX record that points to Google mail accounts?

    I'm TRULY lost on this as my former web host servers are no longer part of this process. I tried emailing Gmail/Google but there really isn't a way to get a reply.
    I so appreciate some detailed guidance in setting this up. I've contact WP regarding this and awaiting a reply.

    Anyone have experience in working through MX records when transferring a personal domain email account to Google??

    thanks in advance ~A~

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No experience with gmail - but this link should help:

  3. I saw this link beforehand, but some reason when Iog in my password and/or username isn't being recognized. I'm basically locked out of my own account that I've set up and I can't even delete the account to start over. So my domain name email remains to be "taken" and it's the only personal email I have..

    I hope someone in here or WP support can help me with this.. :(

  4. Which password are you having trouble with? The Google Apps password?

  5. Yes, but it seem to be more of a MX record CNAME issue and trying to get this resolved between Google Apps and WP. I'll give it another go and see how this turns
    out. It's been a week that I've been dealing with this.. sigh :(

  6. We can't help you with your Google Apps password.
    Have you contacted Google Apps yet?

  7. Yes, I'm aware of this.

    As mentioned it's going back and forth to see if the WP information I'm entering is being verified via Google Apps. I've been in touch with one of the WP admins. so still working on this.

    Again I need to be clarified about the information. This is the delay.

  8. I've been in touch with one of the WP admins. so still working on this.

    Perfect. Continue discussing with that person, because I don't think there is anything we can do for you on these forums. We are users like you.

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