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  1. I have tried to use WP OpenID today but it failed. I have seen many fails in this matter from recent posts. Will WordPress provide stable OpenID? If not they should close that service and stop bugging people with unreliable services.

  2. This is not a issue. It's an Open ID issue and it's my experience that Open ID fails more frequently than it succeeds.

  3. It works well with Google :-) But for some reasons I would prefer to use WordPress :-)

  4. It doesn't always work when one tries to leave comments on blogspot (Blogger) blogs.

  5. Maybe this is a known issue?

    Step 1:
    Trust this site with your identity?
    Do you want to pass your X identity to Y?
    No, Yes one, Yes always

    Step 2:
    This is an OpenID server

    On Step 2 I should get ID authorization but nothing happens.

  6. I have tagged this thread for Staff assistance. If you subscribe to the thread you will be notified when they respond.

  7. Tanks :-)

  8. Click this link and you will know why I don't advise holding your breath while waiting for a solution >

  9. Either there is a working solution or there is no solution at all. This is nonsense the problem is here for years :-( :-( :-( Thanks Ill search for another solution.

  10. Hi there,

    Where are you logging in with it that it's failing? We'd like to get more information on how it's not working for you, so we can take the feedback to the internal team.


  11. Hello Zandyring :-) The target website is - I can login with Google no problem, when I login with WP I get stuck after question "do I want to connect" there is a "This is an OpenID server" message and nothing happens :-) Thanks for your interest! I love WP and it would be nice to have this feature working as well :-) As OpenID became good standard I also want to use this ID on other websites :-)

  12. Hi there,

    We have seen this issue with OpenID before. The problem is that your primary domain isn't; if it were, OpenID would work for you. So anyone who has more than one blog or has set their primary domain to something different than the typical, will have problems using OpenID with certain websites. There isn't much that the other website can do - that is the only option OpenID gives them, and we wouldn't recommend that you change your URL just to have OpenID work.

    It's a bit of a no-win situation, I'm afraid.

    What would be great is if OpenID expanded its service to WordPress users, but we don't have control over that!

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