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  1. Is anyone using this plugin? I want to use it but I want to know if I should make the effort.

  2. As per your other thread, we don't have plugins here at Those are for regular wordpress.

  3. What is regular wordpress?

  4. You may want to read the Please read me first stickied at the top of these forums for the differences between the softwares.

  5. Thanks

  6. If I may say, it's good to see someone testing out the limits of You've just signed on but it's obvious you're not standing around waiting for the grass to grow under your feet.

  7. Thanks for the compliment! :) I am excited so I'm working at it. Let me ask for some advice.

    I ran a manual newsletter for years. Now I've started the blog which I hope to go live with on 2 May. But I want to integrate the 2. Thus the seeking of a newsletter plugin.

    Any ideas that I may be missing?


  8. Only that I'm using Odeo and it works fine if you're using MP3s that are the CORRECT frequency.

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