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    I wrote a blog post for/about my community, and after publish –clicked Twitter –WP Ping-o-matic as usual.

    After half-hour I checked: most ‘recent’ post in Google/Blogs was my previous –three days ago, and
    –WEEK ago. Yet there were Plenty of Blogs listed: “posted 6 minutes ago” –‘2 minutes ago’ etc.

    The blog is good looking, but strictly Local issues -events -links, mature (about 6 -7 years old),
    Near but not IN a well-known city; has always gotten the odd click from France, Uk, Sweden –outside
    of my country. Watching it very closely because: about 20 days ago odd things started showing up.

    First: ‘viewers’ from odd places, e.g., Nigeria, Latvia, Malaysia, Ukraine, Netherlands (heavy), Vietnam, etc
    2nd: stupid ‘referrers’ –“get a degree on-line” –‘teeth-whitening’ –‘get a settlement…’ etc
    but 3rd: all audience/viewers from a site I never heard of –went up Sept. 16
    –No good reason to attract heavy & International attention.

    site front page: ‘instructions’ how to scrape content, put in a hidden section [of their site], “legally
    add advertising, later post so you can collect ad revenue, which is legal, you will make money…”
    written in poor English.

    I did some research: Google doesn’t know anything about the site –or the scraping; neither does
    Webmaster Tools forums/ techies, nor Wikipedia –anyone, anywhere. But every day/night:
    they show up on my site –click on old old posts –to scrape, I guess.

    I’ve looked at many things; done some defensive things, but can’t figure out how/why
    they’re all over THIS Blog. While examining things: got the thought to look at the sites
    in WP Ping Service –to see if any pings to internationals, and was stunned:
    one – ping site copyright goes to 2009 –no blog posts after 2009
    one – pings/updates only interested in military defense contractors
    one or two – Bought out –long ago –folded into some other website; don’t function
    some – ping sites irrelevant to my Blogs
    two – ‘ADDRESS CANNOT BE FOUND” –disconnected
    few – only up-date posts in FEEDS –I didn’t check the others

    I disabled Feeds on ALL my blogs since:
    a.) I suspect that’s where the scrapers are finding my posts
    b.) Reader/feeds considered ‘old style’ now, irrelevant way to up-date

    = WP Ping-o-Matic dated –stale –irrelevant –DOESN’T notify Google Search OR Technorati

    Every part of WP is, I’ve found, quick -sharp -tech-advanced -ahead of entire (Internet) pack,
    usually, so I’m way surprised at how Useless Ping-o-matic is; disappointed I didn’t
    check the ‘service’ long ago.

    Why is WP Ping useless/dated?
    Plans to over-haul it?
    Why isn’t Google, Technorati in the group?

    Anyone else getting weird ‘viewers’ –and irrelevant locations -referrals?

    –If anyone asks, I’ll post the offending website but reluctant to list –don’t
    want to give them publicity because so far, if I’m right, they’ve scraped
    at least 26 posts.



    We do not have to a use a ping service at wordpress.COM
    I suspect you are using wordpress.ORG blog builder on a Selfhosted site.

    the difference here:
    the wordpress.org support forums is where you would want to be:

    If this is an issue with a wordpress.COM blog please post your URL for further support.



    Sorry I wasn’t specific: I do have WP dot COM, but I use WP Ping on ALL –including non-WP hosted blogs.

    But you make me think of another issue: is the WP auto-Ping service on WP dot COM blogs the same? –Is it pinging the same useless sites after I publish my WP dot COM posts?



    Maybe this will help.

    Many services like Technorati, Feedster, Icerocket, Google Blog Search, and others want a “ping” from you to know you’ve updated so they can index your content. WordPress.com handles it all for you. When you post, we send a ping using Ping-o-Matic! which is a service that pings several different search providers all at once including Technorati, My Yahoo!, Google Blog Search.

    Pings are automatically sent if you have selected to make your blog visible to everyone on the Settings > Privacy page. If your blog is private or if you block search engines, pings will not be sent.




    Thanks for replying.

    Have YOU: Actually LOOKED at the sites LISTED in Ping-o-Matic? –No, Ping-O-Matic NOT “handling it all” –for Anybody.

    Look it up yourself:
    -Not only ISN’T Technorati in the list, what IS
    -getting pinged: useless -irrelevant -disconnected sites
    -Yahoo: takes 20+ HOURS to notice –anything (slowest site on the web)
    -no, Google: ISN’T getting ping/post up-dates



    Yes I did look at the list.

    A Ping is not sent for updates to a Post –

    Google grabs my Posts faster than I can put the title into the search bar and hit search – takes an hour or so last time I checked for one of my posts to be completely indexed – but the post itself is added to Google in only a minute or two for my site – I have not checked Yahoo but when yahoo shows up after they have been pinged is up to Yahoo not WordPress.COM

    You have never posted the link to the blog in question so there is no way for anyone to look at the site – there might be a reason the search engines don’t like your site but without a link the above general information is about all anyone can give.



    >>>A Ping is not sent for updates to a Post


    ??? I don’t understand what that means…. If not “for blog updates” then: what is a Ping for?



    Technorati isn’t in Ping list

    Google likes the blog just fine, many of the Posts have PR 4 and it’s a Google-hosted blog, so they’re not discriminating against their own… never been cited/had any probs of any kind whatsoever. Heck, they keep sending me coupons/plastic (in snail mail) wanting me to re-join AdSense.



    it’s a Google-hosted blog,

    Means you are in the way wrong forum and don’t have a WordPress.COM blog – you have wasted a bunch of my time



    You haven’t READ carefully.
    I HAVE a WP dot COM blog
    AND other Blogs
    I use WP Ping-O-Matic: Om ALL of my Blogs

    This thread: about WP Ping-O-Matic –pings don’t work/sites listed: disconnected, stale-dated, Don’t Ping a thing, some disconnected/sold/shut down



    See –on the left –“Poppy8sd”
    under it says “member”
    if ya > on that: I Became “member” of WordPress –by, duh, Getting a WP dot COM Blog, about SIX Years ago.
    Long before then: I had other blogs; use Ping-O-Matic: on all of my blogs.

    WP says: “get more readers –when we (auto-)ping your new post”

    And I’m saying:
    Bloggers on WP Think after they hit “publish” that they will get “more readers” because of Ping-O-Matic –but what’s GETTING “pinged” is worthless –no readers will show up from pings, WP has junk/inadequate/shut links in Ping list.

    Now do you get it?

    I’m asking: If/when List will get cleaned up?

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