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WP posts not going through to Tumblr

  1. Hi guys,
    Posts from my WP blog are not showing up on my Tumblr page. The system was previously running fine but sometime after June 14 (the last successful post/repost) things have stalled. I've reloaded the Tumblr details in 'Sharing Settings' just in case it needed refreshing but to no avail.
    Any ideas?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting?

    I tagged this thread for a Staff follow-up. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.

  3. Ok, I've tried disconnecting/reconnecting but the problem remains.
    Any other ideas Staff? :)

  4. Tumblr recently restricted the number of incoming feeds it accepts. If you got in under the deadline, it accepts four feeds. Otherwise, it apparently accepts none.

  5. Do you have any further information or links where I can read up on this? If Tumblr isn't accepting Publicize reposts I'm pretty sure that's something a whole bunch of other WP users might find relevant to their interests!

  6. Just google it. Tumblr restricts incoming feeds and has done for months.

  7. Hi there, I tested your Tumblr connection at this end and it's working.

    You could try contacting Tumblr support to get information about feeds being restricted directly from the source:

    Just let me know if you need further help.

  8. Thank you for testing that. I will contact Tumblr and ask about things at their end, but before I do I should mention I've narrowed down the problem a bit- entries set to post right away go through to Tumblr immediately, it's scheduled posts that aren't working properly. The last 4 posts of my blog were cued up on Sunday to post throughout the week and obviously haven't reposted to Tumblr, but a test post set to go up immediately will repost just fine.
    Does that change your diagnosis at all?

    raincoaster- based on the above my Tumblr feeds do appear to be working. I also googled up a storm on the Tumblr feed issue you mentioned and only found info that was several years old. If you know of anything more recent I'd appreciate it if you could link me to it.

  9. Ah, the old Scheduled Posts/RSS issue. This is a known bug that is at least two years old. It comes and goes, but it looks like it's back.

    The information I got was from Tumblr's own staff blog and it's at least one year old, saying that old tumblrs would be allowed to keep their existing inward RSS feeds, but that new ones would be limited to a maximum of four incoming feeds.

  10. Cool, thanks for clarifying that! I've only got 2 feeds so I think we can rule that out as being any part of the problem?
    Any idea if the bug is at the WP end or Tumblr's and is there a fix for it?

  11. Thanks for the information about scheduled posts. As raincoaster said, there did indeed used to be a bug preventing the Sharing connection from working on scheduled posts under some circumstances, but I've just tested this extensively on several test accounts and all scheduled posts went through to Tumblr fine through the Sharing connection.

    Would you mind sending me a few links to scheduled posts that didn't come through in Tumblr so I can have a look? Thanks.

  12. The last 4 posts were scheduled. A fifth one was scheduled and did post to WP but then I played around with it to try and get it to post to Tumblr (not sure if that will mess up any results you find?).

    From most recent to older:

    And the fifth one that I played around with:

    This is the last post that did repost to Tumblr correctly:

  13. Thanks very much for providing those examples. Since I haven't been able to replicate the issue and don't see any likely culprits on those posts, I've brought this to our developers so they can have a closer look. I'll keep you posted in this thread - thanks for your patience.

  14. Thanks for keeping me updated!

  15. Hi again! Our developer has been investigating this issue but has not been able to replicate it either. They've asked if you would be able to try this test:

    1. Schedule a post, and make sure to visit your site just after the scheduled time, so the post publication is triggered.

    2. If that fails to Publicize to Tumblr, try disconnecting the Tumblr account, then re-connecting and repeating the test.

    Thanks very much for your help, and let me know how it goes.

  16. Followed instruction #1 and it looks like its working again! Whatever you did behind the scenes seems to have worked, thank you!

  17. Great, glad to hear it! Happy blogging.

  18. Hi again, I just wanted to clarify that the underlying issue may not be fixed yet, so please let us know if it happens again, and on which post. Thanks!

  19. rogercousineau

    I've experienced the same problem for all my blog entries since about the 23rd of July.

    WP blog :

    Here are some of the posts that did not post to Tumblr :

    I've tried all the suggestions above but to no avail.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance in this matter.

  20. You are in the wrong forum and need to be at WordPress.ORG for assistance with that particular blog. We use a different version of the software.

  21. Hi rogercousineau - if you're having an issue with the Publicize module in Jetpack, could you please post over in the Jetpack forum:

    Good luck!

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