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WP Purchased Domain Name Won't Work

  1. Hi everyone. A couple of days ago I purchased the domain name through wordpress for my blog I went through all of the steps but when I go to that address, Google can't find it. When I click on the domain management button it says the status is active but that the DNS settings need to be updated. Since I purchased the domain name from WP and not another host, I'm really confused on how or why I would need to change those settings. Am I missing something obvious here?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It looks like you mapped the domain name but you did not purchase the domain name registration - you need to do both - you need to register the domain name - I am not sure if a dash is allowed in a name at WordPress.COM - I will flag this for the staff to check the charges on your account

  3. @auxclass Thanks for your reply. As far as I know, I purchased the domain name for $18/yr. and also purchased the $8 privacy upgrade. I entered all of my credit card info, etc. so it should be good?

  4. Registration $ 5--
    Mapping $ 13
    Privacy $ 8
    Total $ 26

    A whois shows the domain registration is not active. I was not able to find the documents to check and see if a "dash" is permitted here (you could register elsewhere and map the name if the "dash" will not register here)

    The staff can sort things our for you - but they are coming off a three day U.S. holiday so they might be a bit backed up - they do have a good record for sorting these things out

  5. @auxclass I actually just checked my billing history and I was billed the $26 for all three of those things...I was pretty sure I had been. Maybe it's just taking awhile to catch up since it was the holiday weekend? I sent WP support a note Saturday as well when it wasn't working so maybe I'll hear something back.

  6. Something failed in the registration - it happens from time to time - you will need the staff to fix it for you

  7. @auxclass That's the only answer I can see as well. I hope they see this and help me pretty quick. I've got business cards, etc. coming with the domain on it so I need it to work soon!

  8. The registration definitely failed, so I have added $26 in credit to your account.

    Please feel free to try again by adding the domain via Store -> Domains in your blog's Dashboard.

  9. @macmanx I redid the process and it's now working! Thank you guys so much for your help.

  10. I love it when a plan comes together - good luck with your blog

  11. @auxclass Sorry I meant to put your name in their too. Thank you for replying and helping me out I really appreciate it and best of luck to you as well sir!

  12. You're welcome!

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