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    Hi WP community! There is a blog called MAKE (http://blog.makezine.com) that I am not subscribed to. For some reason it appears in my WordPress Reader. They post rather frequently so it has become quite an annoyance.

    I have gone through my entire subscription list and they are not there. I have even tried subscribing, then deleting the subscription, but to no avail. They are still showing up.

    Is this some kind of default site everybody is subscribed to that I don’t know about or is it a glitch? I’ve done a bunch of searching but couldn’t find anything.

    I am subscribed to a very large # of blogs so I would rather not delete the entire list and re-subscribe to everything – would take hours.

    Any other thoughts here?



    I’ll flag this for staff to look at (it’ll probably be after the weekend, so please be patient).


    Sure, no problem. Thank you.

    There is one additional issue I noticed with the reader the other day – I thought it was possibly just a glitch with my internet loading (it was slow due to a windy storm) or possibly with the change in WP’s format (the new alphabetical listing option – which I love by the way) – so I gave it a few days but the problem is still there:

    There are four blogs I am following via the WP Reader that on the Edit page are appearing blank. I can sort by date or alphabetically and these four blogs will re-sort with the rest, but I cannot see a URL, title, edit link or anything else — just a generic icon on the left and the grey delete “x” on the right — rest is blank.

    I obviously don’t want to delete them – I subscribed for a reason, right? But I also can’t edit and I don’t even know what the sites are since I can’t see the URLs or any info!

    When you look into the issue from my above post can you please check out this one, too? Thanks!

    [If at all relevant I am using a Mac with OS 10.7.5 and Safari v. 6.0.2]



    Hi there,

    Regarding getting updates from MAKE, it looks like you are following a category that they have:

    I scrolled waaaay down your Blogs I Follow (in Edit List mode) while logged in as you and found it. I believe this is what is pulling in those posts from MAKE, so you would have to unsubscribe from this as well.

    I’m looking into the “blank entry” issue!


    Hi, thanks for your reply! I am subscribed to the below (copy/pasted from edit screen):

    Craftzine.com Blog

    This blog used to appear in my reader but no longer does. Now the general MAKE blog does which is all tech posts. If you click on that URL it redirects you to http://blog.makezine.com/craft, however that specific URL is not what I am subscribed to in my reader. I am not sure why you are seeing it differently from your end. I am also not sure why the craft posts stopped pulling in the reader and the main site’s tech posts are now pulling. Maybe it’s another glitch?

    I’ve been checking via google reader the past couple of days (I add blogs there as a backup in case there’s ever a system issue I don’t want to lose my entire follow list) and it’s not having the same issue – only craft posts are pulling via google.

    Thank you.



    Hi there,

    It looks like blog.craftzine.com is now part of the MAKE family, and it does look like once that happened, you got subscribed to the root URL, which is blog.makezine.com.

    Right now it doesn’t appear to be a way to subscribe to the subdirectory blog.makezine.com/craft/, I’m afraid – it will continue to pick up all the feed from the root domain. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience!


    Okay, well please keep me posted once you figure out the “blank entry” issue. Thanks.



    These should be properly appearing in your blog now – they were legitimate blogs that you were following, so it was a great call to not unfollow them!

    Can you check to be sure they are appearing properly?


    It looks like most are appearing now – there is just one blank entry.



    Let’s give it another 24 hours, but if you don’t see it tomorrow, please reply back so I can follow-up!


    It’s been a couple of days and there is one blank entry left.




    Could you try clearing your cache and see if that makes a difference for you? Here is more information about how to do that:

    Just let me know!


    I had already tried that and also tried checking from a different computer (my PC at work). Just tried clearing cache again and now there are three blank entries…



    Hi again,

    I’m sorry you’re still seeing those blank entries – I’m checking further into it. Thank you for going through the cache clearing – it helps us determine where the issue may lie.


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