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WP Security Certificate Expired

  1. What to do?

    The WordPress Security Certificate error message continues to appear upon log-in.

    Will WordPress is issuing a new one for the members?


  2. Check out the other thread you started on this topic. Staff have responded a few times.

  3. This is the last response I can find:

    "No, it needs to be done on the server. It has been renewed, we're investigating why the expiration message is still showing."

    So the problem is unresolved.

  4. If you can find the other thread, I'm not sure why you posted a new one. When staff has a fix, they'll fix it; they are obviously aware of, and working on, the problem. Volunteers in the forum cannot help you.

  5. Staff are definetely working on this and is might need you clearing out your browser cache to see changes when it is resolved.


  6. last time I checked (e few minutes ago) ... it says the certificate (from godaddy?) expired 23 feb. i have refreshed my cache, still the same.

  7. Please see the other thread.

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