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WP Version & Update Services

  1. I run my own blog externally using WordPress 2.0.7. Under "Options - Writing" there is a section for update services. I was trying to help a friend of mine who is running his blog off of, but those same options are not present. There is also no WP version indicated at the bottom of his page. What gives? What version of WP is he using, and is there a way to modify the update services?

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  2. He's not able to modify his update services at all: WordPress itself handles that for blogs. So that's one less thing to worry about.

  3. So if WordPress is handling it, what update service is getting notified? He was hoping to point it over to Thanks.

  4. They use Pingomatic for most of the major ones. I'm sure they do google blogsearch, as I'm on it and I didn't do anything. I also use Pingoat as a backup, in case something goes wrong with Pintomatic, and I ping them manually (you get one page you can put in your Favorites).

  5. Hmmm....

    It was working.

    Working for my own WPMu install.

    Someone please bump this in an hour or so and I'll send in a feedback.

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