WP video upgrade spam that prevents me from sharing videos

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    The video upgrade spam appears when I try to share a video in a post, at the point where I click the video icon. I can’t delete the spam, even though there are buttons on it supposedly for that purpose. When I try to ignore it and click the video icon again, a duplicate spam appears. Is anyone else having this problem? I sent a message to the “Happiness Engineers” last night but haven’t heard back yet. Meanwhile, I’m unable to share videos.

    The blog I need help with is beautifulrailwaybridgeofthesilverytay.wordpress.com.



    I’m also encountering the same problem. Has WordPress, once again, disabled Video-sharing, as part of its free-services and turned that into a monetizing feature?

    One of the reasons that draws people to this site instead of its competitions is its flexibility and vast array of valuable features, which include the Video-sharing feature. I sincerely request that they bring it back.


    Same problem. Frustrating.


    I’m Having the same problem,do they go resolve it or we are going to put our blog somewhere else?



    Attention Everyone
    You can still post YouTube videos for free as you always have. See the thread below


    Thanks for that, airodyssey – it works. Begs the question of why WP chose to use the Insert Video icon, which is surely there for a purpose and the method a lot of people use, to plug their upgrade. And without telling anyone. Definitely underhanded.

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