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  1. I have a comment to approve on When I try to access it, it tells me I cannot. When I try to write a new post, it tells me I cannot. Instead, the system automatically redirects me to my other blog, When I try to use the "Press This" function for, it gives me a nasty error message telling me I am cheating. And the same happens for my third blog at THIS IS NOT COOL! I have work that needs to get done on right now!!! What is going on? I am properly logged in as always... what is the problem and how do we resolve this???? FRUSTRATED AND ANGRY!

  2. First try logging out, clearing your cookies and cache, restarting your browser and logging back in.

    If that doesn't work, contact staff. Give them all the details. There's nothing forum volunteers without backend access can do for you.

  3. I've just seen your ticket. I'm looking into it.

  4. Same problem here. When I try to access Dashboard or Stats i just get the message, that the blog on address is not found. While the blog name is
    Is it some sort of maintenance thing? Thanks for the help

  5. @austejal: It seems to work properly now. Thanks.

    @katm: Thanks for your response, however, not being an idiot, I had already completed the steps you entailed before pleading for help. As for bringing the issue here, the ability to find qualified help is most limited here, and I am a believer in using any and every means necessary (sans violence) in a crisis to alert qualified help and round up the cavalry -- and this situation was a crisis.

  6. romanarmyandallies

    same with me, i cant get on my blog. its very annoying. im trying to make a post. heck it wont even allow me on my dashboard.

  7. Did you contact staff?

    @gdreadradio, We can't tell if you're an idiot or not from here if you don't give us the information. All you bloggers look alike.

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