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    I started to import a WordPress .XML file from mariettabookworks.com to robmahanbooks.com and immediately got an e-mail that it failed:

    “We are sorry, but there was an error while performing your blog import to http://robmahanbooks.com.

    Our staff has been notified, and we’ll resolve the problem for you and let you know when your blog is ready for the import.”

    Would you please help this import along or reset it so I can try again?

    Thanks very much,
    Blog url: http://robmahanbooks.wordpress.com/




    We’re currently looking into this issue, and will keep in touch. :-)



    Hi, Rob. I’ve just sent you an email but thought I’d follow up here as well. We’ve tweaked the importer, and I believe the import should work for you now. Please give it another try and just let us know if you have any further issues. Thanks!


    Hi Daryl,

    Thanks for your help. After I saw your note above, I kicked off another import to robmahanbooks.com, this time with an XML file I’d exported from the same blog a couple of weeks ago. About 10 minutes later, I got the sought-after “Import successful” e-mail. Alas, when I looked at the target blog, no data had been imported at all.

    I do have most of the posts and pages I’m trying to import still in the Trash folders on robmahanbooks.com, so I could restore them from there, if necessary. I’ll wait to hear from back about the Importer before I restore anything from Trash.

    Thanks again for your help,



    Ah, the issue here will be that the importer doesn’t import duplicate posts, and even posts that are in the trash are checked against imported posts and will not reimport if they’re considered duplicates. If you were to permanently remove one of the trashed ones and then try the import again, you should see that the trashed one has been imported. So that’ll explain why there’s the appearance that nothing new is importing.


    Daryl, you are a genius!

    I took a leap of faith in you (along with a backup of my data:) and cleared all pages and posts from the trash on robmahanbooks.com, then restarted the importer with the same XML file I used before. Just as you said it would, the import finished successfully with everything showing back up!

    I bet there’s some kind of results/error report generated by the code that runs the imports and exports. It would be cool if a brief summary report was included with the Import Successful / Failed e-mail. Just a thought.

    Thanks again for your quick responses and great assistance. I’m off to add some more content to Rob Mahan Books!


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