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    I’m gusessing advertisments are not allowed in blog posts if the blog is hosted by WP.com..?

    What about if the money raised is for charity (oxfam)?

    Joseph Cheng



    Offically no.

    Now having said that, I have come across various blogs that throw out the occasional affliate link at the end of a blog post or a link directly to a specific CD or book where the link contained an affliate code. That, to my knowledge, is allowed as long as it is not the main purpose of your blog.

    We have a CD review site here at WordPress (Don’t remember the link. Sorry) where each post is a review of an album and there’s a link at the end of the post. That is allowed.

    This guy got whacked yesterday for having three posts on his blog simply just to have the links to a poker site. Needless to say, he or she is now gone. (Well, his old blog is gone)

    Hope this helps,

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