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  1. Is there any way for user CSS to determine if the nav bar is loaded? (I.E. if a user is logged in)

  2. Good idea. There will be!

  3. It is done. There is a "loggedin" class on the body tag.

  4. sweet! :D
    i think scott's going to reach right through the monitor and choke me soon.

  5. Har, har, har. Far from it.

    [I will sneak up behind you.]

  6. Okay kamel so why would it be sweet to have this information? To whom would this information be available and what purpose would it serve to know it? In simple English please [she whined].

  7. btw, please do not modify the admin bar in any way.

  8. @andy -
    i wouldn't dream of it

    @ timethief -
    the Bar adds 28 pixels to the top of the page. it moves everything down EXCEPT the background image. so if you have a background image that aligns with something in the content of the page, you need to add

    body.loggedin { background-position: 0 28px; }

    so that the background image moves down with the rest of the page.

    except i'm having to re-write the CSS of this theme so much i may do something else altogether.

  9. Thanks for the clarity kamel.:D

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