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  1. madelinepaddlin

    1. Can I work on my new blog in and then (when I'm happy with it) install the software and import the blog into the more sophisticated environment? Will I lose my theme automatically/straightaway?
    2. Will I be able to apply more themes at, i.e. with menus at the top (so my blog can look a bit more website-like on its home page)?
    3. Can I get 'static pages' on AND I've read about problems with 'static pages' though...
    thanks people!

  2. madelinepaddlin

    thanks Ros. I did acxtually (maybe dense...)!
    But I just wanted to check
    * that I could import from .com to .org - and the Help
    * didn't explicitly say I could (that I could find)
    * and I couldn't find the reference to the possible static pages problem
    sorry, this is all very new to me, I started my first blog yesterday!

  3. Okay.
    1. You can import blog posts from .com to .org but not things like widgets or changes to CSS, etc. You'd have to do all that again. Not sure if you can import pages.

    2. Yes. There are a LOT of themes available. Google to see. But also there are some themes that allow menus at the top (see my blog, for example)

    3. Yes, you can have static pages here at and also at There shouldn't be any problems. What do you think might go wrong?

  4. madelinepaddlin

    thanks R.
    I read people were having problems with static pages in the latest .org software in the forums...

  5. Well, you'd have to ask about that in the forums. There haven't been any problems here, so far as I know.

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