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  1. Heya!

    It is just me or are new commenters from blogs/registration not showing their blog URL when commenting?

    I find the URL to be missing in moderation and I'm always disappointed because blogs/registration indicate a sense of reality in verification that is missing from "ordinary" outside commenters.

    I only discover these "missing URL" commenters are legit in the system after I approve them and I see their lovely avatars load with their comments and in the Sidebar.

    Why are registered users having their URL stripped from the moderation queue?

  2. I haven't experienced this at all. Interesting bug.

  3. I spent like 10 minutes verifying 3 new commenters today to only discover after approving their comments that they were already "legit" bloggers in the system! Feh! SMILE!

    The URL is entirely missing. You get the email address and the IP address and nothing else. Totally bizzaro world!

  4. It would almost make a sinister kind of sense if it refused to recognize or give URLs for those without avatars (I know WP wants everyone avatarded) but if they have avatars it just doesn't make any sense.

  5. > I know WP wants everyone avatarded

    you made my day here. woz lafin, as they say today.

  6. I'm going now to blot out mine ... sheesh ... is that jack boots I hear in the background?

  7. i got that recently too boles. since my blog goes unmoderated it's not a problem for me. i also thought perhaps my commenter who's a regular reader was logged out at the time of commenting and was lazy to fill up the details, lol.

  8. Hi sulz!

    Yes, it's strange to approve a comment without a URL attached to the author and then, magically, an Avatar appears for the comment along with a link to a blog!

    When I used to see a URL attached to a moderated comment I knew 99% of the time that person was legit, wasn't trying to Spam, or you cause trouble because they're an identified part of our community. I miss that hint!

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