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  1. writerwannabe763

    I help with another blog and am hoping I can find out how to do a change. The old site was/is? She then 'thought' she would with the help of godaddy...go to a self-hosted .org site and attempted such and the name was . There have been too many issues and she wishes to change back to her old .com website.

    I went and looked at changing from .org to com but don't know if that applies when she just want to take back her old blog name and information . I copied the instructions . Are these still applicable in this case.
    Moving from

    If you are moving from a self-hosted blog using the software, you can move your blog to our service with the following steps:

    Register a account and blog at
    In the old blog, go to Tools → Export and download the XML (WXR) file to your computer.
    In the new blog (on, go to Tools → Import → WordPress and upload the file you downloaded in step 2. After you upload the file, you can choose the option to Download & import file attachments if you want to move your media files.
    My email is [email redacted] I am listed as a user on her blog so that I can help her... Can you please advise me.. Thank you very much.... Diane

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,

    If she already has a blog that she wants to use then she can skip the "Register a account" step. If she wants to bring her content into her old blog then she will need to do the Export and Import steps. The importer should automatically skip over duplicate content, so any old posts from that you had moved to won't be imported a second time into

    If she wants to keep using her GoDaddy Domain,, she can update the GoDaddy name servers to point to and purchase the Domain Mapping Upgrade to have it mapped to her site. We have detailed instructions for this process at:


  3. writerwannabe763

    Thank you so much for helping If she simply wants to go back to what her old website name can we eliminate the last part because I don't think she wants to worry about keeping the new one.? We want to keep it as simple as possible. And that's good to know that information won't be duplicated. She hasn't done much on the new site because she's been sick.... Diane

  4. writerwannabe763

    Hi again.. I did as wp instructions and as you added to. BTW should I export and import to my computer or should Cindy the blog owner?

    So, I ... 1. went to new blog dashboard and exported WXR file and Saved it in my documents (I use Writer not Word)

    2. went to old blog and selected import and then went to upload the file I had saved

    3. Got an error message 'Does not appear to have WXR file
    maybe missing WXR number

    Do you have any idea of why that would appear?

  5. Hi there,

    It sounds like the steps for exporting your site, and importing into your site were correct. Could you try to recreate the export file, and redo the import with the new file, and let me know if you are still having this problem?


  6. writerwannabe763

    Hi... I did it three times and got the same message. Then I thought should Cindy be exporting and importing on her computer. And also since she's been sick and moving as well....she hasn't really done any blogs on the .org site so maybe that was part of the problem. So I did a test post on it. But I also gave her step by step instructions and asked her to do it and then let me know because then I have to do a few changes re email etc. when she does.

    Over the weekend she hasn't had a chance to do it so I'm waiting and she's to let me know when she's done it and does she get this same message about there being no WXR file. Thanks for hanging in there...I'll let you know if she's successful.... Diane

  7. writerwannabe763

    Hi...again Well Cindy exported the .org but for some reason unable to access dashboard of old blog... so I asked her to send me the exported url and I went to import it and it did so and got msg re same

    Your WordPress import was successful.

    Happy Blogging!

    -- the teamc

    However when I put in that .com url it takes me to the .org site still

    If she exported it and it says the import was successful why does it still say ? Thanks Diane

  8. Look in the Domain Manager in her Dashboard here and make sure that the site is set as primary.

  9. writerwannabe763

    I changed the .com to the primary domain. Even though it said everything would be directed to it.... when I checked it still reverts to the as her home page.

    When I put in I got a message that it doesn't exist. And yet when I was in the dashboard and selected one of her posts it took me to the .com site

    This is so confusing. Thanks for trying to sort this out. There is an option to delete one of the sites but I certainly hesitate to do that in case 'everything' goes.....Delete is a bad word! Thanks for the help Diane

  10. writerwannabe763

    I'm sorry but when I keyed in and I got the does not exist message ... it actually was that got that message. I'm having an issue with my keyboard that sometimes puts in an extra 'c' and it must have done that... (I need a new keyboard)

    So it remains that what is happening is that when I key in it still switches and takes me to even though I changed the domain Diane

  11. writerwannabe763

    I just found this ... on the domain you think this is what is the case it takes a few hours....??
    To set the primary domain for your blog, navigate to Store → Domains in your admin sidebar, select the radio button beside the domain you wish to set as primary, and then click the “Update Primary Domain” button at the bottom of the list to save the change. The change should occur immediately, though for very recently purchased domain names, there is sometimes a delay of a few hours between the purchase of the domain and its availability.

  12. now works fine for me. When I tried before, when I posted above, it redirected to the domain name.


  13. writerwannabe763

    When I enter it still is redirecting me to

    Would it take more time to convert somehow for my server or something? Sorry to bother you but I just don't understand how it's okay when you did it and not me.... Diane

  14. writerwannabe763

    p.s. I asked another blogging friend to see what happened when SHE put in and it took her to that site and did not redirect her to the one

    I have tried to figure out why it does not do that for me and for the life of me can't figure it out. If you or someone else can I'd sure like to hear...Thanks again so much for patience ...Diane

  15. writerwannabe763

    Finally, it worked for me... I put in took me there and not to the other site.

    Just curious though why when the other site has been exported does it still display? Should it be deleted? or should Cindy the owner of the domain contact GoDaddy and tell them to cancel it? I promise no more questions but this procedure has taken time and effort and I thank you for your help in it...Diane

  16. writerwannabe763

    Hi... I did a 'test' post on after the update was supposedly okay and while it took me to the post and followers would be taken to the post...if I then went to home page the site reverted to the one that we exported .

    Also when I did the post it said you have done 4 posts it's not connecting to all the other ...I believe 192 posts . Something did not go right.

  17. writerwannabe763

    After much researching and testing and getting the settings changed on personal,account, and profile things for the most part are resolved... one issue outstanding I believe will be when the is removed by GODADDY....Thanks for the help received Diane

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