wp.com error with 'Reader' tab once logged in

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    I seem to have a login/verification issue with wp.com today. I log in without any issues, can see my blogs and my stats with no hassles but the minute I click on the ‘Reader’ tab I get logged out meaning I have to log back in but when I click on reader tab again, it logs me out.

    Is this just me or is everyone having this problem?


    You’re not alone. I have not been able to see the Reader for a few days. I’ve tried different solutions but nothing appears to be working. WordPress doesn’t kick me out like you — I just can’t access the Reader at all. And today I found out that I can’t seem to access Freshly Pressed. :-(



    This is ridculous to be honest! I can update and read my own blogs but not the one’s I follow. I can even see and read the Freshly Pressed blogs but not the one’s I follow.



    This thread like all the others with the asme issue has been flagged for Staff attention. It makes no sense to post into any more than one of these threads.



    Hey my reader has just stopped working???


    It was working about 15 minutes ago and now NADA

    there is a O in the upper left hand corner

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