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  1. For the past 2 days the loading time for the transfer of the content from my root blog at which is being domain mapped to has been excruciating slow.

    I have had the services of 2 technicians who have verified that it's not my computer and not my internet connection that are problematic They have also verified my experience that this is the only site that I am experiencing slow loading times.

    My questiona are:
    (1) What the heck is going on that is making this transfer time from the root blog to the domain it's being mapped to so slow?
    (2) When is whatever is going on in the background expected to be done so the normal quick loading time is reestablished?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 1. That we are trying to improve the experience for people who encounter a rare but very annoying bug.
    2. You should see an improvement now. Do you?

  3. 1. That's really great but some advance notice would have been sweet too.
    2. Yes, Thank you.

  4. #

    Domain name Size Load Time Average Speed per KB
    1 37.58 KB 0.23 seconds 0.01 seconds.

    It's loading fine, so should have been fixed.

  5. @dreamsburnred
    Hi there. Yup, it's loading quickly now. Hopefully, the insect has been exterminated. :)

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