Need help? Check out our Support site, then not - Part 2

  1. It's very likely that this will get, let's say for the lack of a better word, brushed off (like the original thread) by staff. Nonetheless, I'm starting this new thread with a possible solution to the ongoing "issue" of having .org users posting their questions here.

    I believe that one of the reasons why the WordPress people haven't done anything about this issue is because, us volunteers, keep answering, or better said, redirecting them to the right forum. It's like they were thinking:

    Oh, it's alright if we take our sweet time addressing this issue; the volunteers are taking care of sending them to the right place for us.

    Or something around those lines. Sure, I may be mistaken about this, but that's the impression I get from their lack of attention to this.

    A lot of .org users are posting their questions here and nothing is being done about it. Well, here's a possible solution which I believe it'd be simple enough to implement. Check I made and click on "Register" (the other fields and button won't work).

    If the user is not logged in, he/she would see such announcement that would clarify things for that person right away. By the way, the links in the nag screen do work.

    But what if the person instead of going directly to the forums, goes to (home page) and clicks the "Sign Up now" button, creates an account only (no blog), and then goes to the forums? Well, since the user is already logged in, the system should check if a cookie (let's call it: wp_hasBlogg) exists; if it doesn't exist, then query the database and check if there's a blog associated with that username. If there's no blog associated with that username, then a similar announcement (like when you click on Register) should appear with a slight different text... instead of reading:

    Before you register, make sure you DO have a blog...

    It could read something like this:

    Our system tells us that you don't have a blog registered under this username. Perhaps you have a self-hosted blog?...

    Or something like that.

    If the user does have a blog associated with that username, the cookie "wp_hasBlogg" should be created, its value could be "yes" or "no" depending on the results of the query (because they might have an account only for the stats feature). Obviously, if the user has a blog, no announcement/warning/nag (or however you wanna call it) screen would be displayed, and he/she would be taken to the forums with no more delay.

    Okay, but what if the user logges out? Well, when they enter their username and password either form wordpress home page, forums or their blogs the "wp_hasBlogg" cookie should be checked. If it exists check for the expected values, if it doesn't create it with the corresponding value, and take it from there.

    If for some reason the user, who does not have a blog, goes back to the forums, logs in to post his/her question, the system after checking the value "wp_hasBlogg" cookie equals to "no", instead of showing the "nag" screen, it could automatically redirect the user to the appropriate forum.

    This is a very raw idea which could be polished nicely to make it work in the most efficient way. So... I put it on the table for them to pick it up, if they wish.

    (I'll leave the mockup up for some time, then I'll take it down)

  2. Darn, I hate it when I forget to close an opening tag...

    Here's the link to the mockup

  3. Something like this has been suggested before, apparently a year ago and nothing has been done. I feel like I'm enabling wordpress staffers "non-doing-nothing-ness" about this issue by redirecting wordpress.ORG users to the appropriate forum. I for one will not be doing this anymore...after today X(
    Maybe since your suggestion is more detailed they might consider it though.

  4. panaghiotisadam

    Many thanks for this, devblog - I sure hope it doesn't get brushed off!

  5. I didn't know that something like this was already suggested, aw1923. I must admit, though, that I haven't read all the posts in that thread.

    Thank you, panaghiotisadam. Hopefully it won't... but time will tell.

  6. More like something to the effect of this was suggested, not have obviously thought this through more, LOL. I was thinking that maybe the problem is the title of the sticky thread. Maybe if there was a sticky thread called "YOU MIGHT NOT BE IN THE RIGHT FORUM" in like flashing huge letters then that would also help. Who knows, people rarely read these days, including me...I refuse to read about ecology so I watch videos about ecology hoping I learn something before next semester starts...hey, maybe wordpress should have some sort of audio voice, like that wordpress guy with the sexy voice that does the FAQ videos.

  7. Not re-directing .ORG users sounds like a plan. Another alternative - modlook every one of the threads, in addition to marking them as That way, staff can answer them.

  8. That's Devblog for your detail suggestion

    I for one will not direct .org users to the correct forum starting today
    after reading the possibility of staff not implementing a solution.

    Great idea I'm going to start giving the modlook tag to all new
    .org questions so staff can see how many we get here at .com

  9. Oops

    That's Devblog for your detail suggestion

    Is sup post to read
    Thanks Devblog for your detail suggestion

  10. Dido

  11. Thanks, teck.

    I too think that marking the threads as modlook and is a good idea.

  12. I really don't think they have a clue how many we have to redirect each day, and the last few days it seems to have gotten worse.

    I'm on board for the modlook and

  13. panaghiotisadam

    Me too.

  14. So just to reiterate: no links to the proper forum, and tag with modlook and (BTW - they can see how many posts there are that are from .ORG users - just take a look at the size of the tag in the tag cloud. And that's just the ones we have identified!)

  15. panaghiotisadam

    Yes or no to pointing at the "8 Things" sticky?

  16. On the posts where we have to ask to determine if they are .COM or .ORG, and they come back and give a link to a .ORG blog, do we at that point just ignore them and modlook and tag it? In other words, in a bulk of the cases we have to ask to determine where they are and ignoring them after asking sort of rubs my fur the wrong way.

    I'm not sure where I'm going here, but perhaps you can get what I'm saying.

  17. panaghiotisadam

    @tsp: Good point. In that case I suggest we simply respond with something like this:

    There's a sticky up top that says "8 Things To Know BEFORE Posting".

  18. One other thought, they might when they review the threads and answer the OP, remove both the modlook and the tag, so we might find the tag ends up with few in it.

  19. Finishing my thought: It would not be the first time evidence has gone missing.

  20. panaghiotisadam

    I would also suggest that if other members continue to give the org link, we give them the link to this thread.

  21. How about this:

    If their username is not linked to their blogs, we could tell them something like:

    "Would you please give us your blog address? You may want to consider linking your username to your blog as explained on the '8 Things... ' stiky."

    If they come back and give us a .org blog, then we could tell them (just so not to seem rude):

    "A staff memeber will be notified, please be patient."

    Then modlook the thread and let them deal with it.

    What do you guys think?

  22. I need to type faster...

  23. I would also suggest that if other members continue to give the org link, we give them the link to this thread.

    I think that's a good idea, that way they'll get informed too.

  24. This is kind of funny that we or you guys should even have to think about this, honestly I was just going to ignore them and let them know that silence is a sign that we can't help them.
    I like the just using the modlook and .org tag. Directing them to this link would still technically be help .org-ers and technically enabling the WP staff from doing anything.

  25. Good point, tsp. They have been removing the modlook tags once they have been reviewed. I wonder if they will leave the tag alone? Or are we going to have to go back and re-tag them?

    As to your other question - I think you - and we all - should do as much or as little as we feel comfortable with. I often just put the link in to "The difference" sticky and leave it at that.

    devlog - what aw was saying before was addressed in this comment and one a couple spaces down and another a couple of comments down from that.

    I have to say that I had high hopes for a solution to this problem based on Mark's comments in that thread.

  26. Talk about needing to type faster ....

  27. I like devblog's response.

  28. I just read back through Mark's responses in the other thread, and my hope is that they have seen this one and have pushed this up higher on the priority list. That said, I'm still on board for this.

  29. FWIW I won't be modlooking these types of re-directs to I will simply supply the links required and go on about my merry way.

  30. I see, Vivian. Thanks.

    BTW, I believe that I'm addressing the "drawbacks" Mark's talking about in that thread. I mean, even if a user doesn't have a blog linked to their username, or if he/she has more than one blog, or even if they have domain mapping, the wp guys have to know a way to tell that that person has a blog hosted here. They just need to query the DB and that's all. Just like they do when a user logs in. They need to query the DB, match the username and password and grant access to the account, list all your blogs in your admin bar, etc. The way I see it, it'd be relatively simple. The database returns 0 rows, the user doesn't have a blog... act accordingly.


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