WP.com not WP.org – Part 2

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    Okay will do if I get the same result I will send in a ticket.



    Thanks telly it works fine now :-)



    OK-it’s late and I’m a bit fuzzy about everything, but at what point in the process of posting a new question in the Support forums is ismyblogworking.com mentioned?


    Not at all fuzzy, methinks…

    I don’t think ismyblogworking is or was a major cause of people landing here, and I don’t think giving the link to that is a good idea. (You’ve seen what I’ve opted for as a reply to wp.org visitors.)



    No, pan, missed it. Have been wildly busy lately… oh, I have now. (sigh)


    (Hate to correct you but actually you’ve chanced upon it:)



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    There's a sticky up top in this forum that says "8 Things To Know BEFORE Posting".
    As a minor character on the stage of forum helpers (so many people are much more expert), I notice that some do not even know how to ask a question.

    I’d suggest adding a link at the end:
    Pay special attention to the yellow highlighted links on top.


    “Some do not even know how to ask a question”: example here. And some don’t get the answer: example here

    I’ll probably adopt your suggestion (but I’ll incorporate the link in the text, if you don’t mind!).


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    ta – and lol

    also ok



    The entire point to this thread and the original thread was that most people do not take the time to read the stickies at the top of this forum and to suggest a better way to redirect the WP.ORG users to the ORG support forum even before they post a question here.

    Is it truly that difficult/complicated to add a drop down box with a poster’s blog URL in the “Post a New Topic” form similar to that in the new Contact Support form? If the poster doesn’t have a COM blog listed there, then redirect them to ORG. End of story.

    That’s all I have left to contribute to this discussion.


    That’s precisely the point, Jennifer. But we’ve also been discussing how to handle org visitors in the meantime, especially with respect to staff’s apparent lack of interest in solving the problem.

    So I’ve sided with Vivian’s suggestions, and I’ve decided that each time I see someone who shouldn’t be posting here, my only reply will be pointing to the sticky. (Or should I say shoving it up his face?)

    Another possibility could be not replying at all: let staff do the dirty work if they wish, till they get a good taste of it and set an end to it. But that would only be effective if we all agreed to do it.



    I’m all about the copy/paste sticky threads, not so much because they solve the problem, which they usually do at least for the moment, as for the value in pointing back to it if some moron persists in posting here when they shouldn’t. “As I said thirty-seven posts ago, you are in the wrong forum” is enormously satisfying.

    And leaving the n00bs alone doesn’t work; they’re oblivious. They’re used to being ignored. They just bump their threads.



    panos – I think you should refer them to the other sticky, not the 8 Things to Know one. Believe it or not, the 8 Things has nothing in it about .COM versus .ORG


    Thanks Vivian – but item ONE of the eight is this:

    “Please Make Sure You Have a WordPress.Com Blog
    The forums get at least one post every other day from bloggers who have a self-hosted blog who use the free WordPress blogging software. For these group of people, they have to post their questions in the wordpress.org forums [link]. You are in the right place if your blog is hosted by wordpress.com.”



    Well, there you go! I missed that at the beginning. (I’ve been so used to giving them the 2nd link I forgot all about that and hadn’t read it myself in a while.


    And I prefer giving this, because of the glorious “BEFORE POSTING” in the title…






    I’ve just added a new barrier to starting topics which forces users to select a blog or a reason for posting.

    If they don’t select something, or if they select a non-WordPress.com blog they will get an auto reply pointing them to WordPress.org and the disambiguation page at WordPress.com support.

    As it is only new, and somewhat quickly put together, please let us know of any issues with the process here.



    Hooray!!! Let’s hope it works. Thank you.

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