WP.com: plugins, calendar. Totally lost.

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    I’m relatively new to WordPress.com and am trying to figure out how to use plugins. As far as I can tell from FAQs and docs and forums, WordPress.com (a) has plugins available; and (b) does not allow the user to upload any plugins.

    Unfortunately, I can’t find anything in my dashboard or admin.w-p site that smacks of plugins.

    The real [eventual] point here is that I want a calendar on my site. I don’t care whether it’s W-P hosted, plugins or Google calendar. And I don’t mean, “calendar” as in “calendar of when you posted on your blog last”, but the common meaning, “thing that you can look at to find out future events”.

    Is this something I can do on W-P, or should I just scoot myself over to blogspot and get an address there?




    plugins are not allowed here at wordpress.com



    As long as you have a publicly shared calendar set up on Google, you can link to it from your wordpress.com blog, offer it as an iCal download or use the RSS feed.

    About scooting yourself over to blogspot-use whatever blogging tool you are most comfortable using. No skin off of anyone’s nose. Just sayin’…and happy blogging.



    For maximum exposure, make posts of each event on a WP.com blog, have it on an open Google calendar, and link to that calendar directly both from the post itself and from the TOP widget in your sidebar, which should be a text widget with an eye-catching calendar image and a direct link to the calendar.

    That will maximize your google juice better than just using a dynamic calendar over at Blogger.


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