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  1. Like Technorati but just for blogs.

    I am convinced my blog is constantly hovering at No. 6 and this would confirm it


  2. Doesn't this also cause unneeded tension and competition in a community?

  3. Hmm. On reflection, you're right. I derive no pleasure at all from being ranked 641,295 on Technorati. In fact, I avert my gaze whenever the ranking is displayed.

  4. Since, the way does it right now is just show the blogs/posts that are getting the most hits. It also shows the latest posts. I also despise my ranking of -6343542633526 on Technorati! :P

    I think this system is fair in it doesn't show if people hate your blog. Just shows what the popular things are.

  5. Bah and I thought my technorati rank of 66,428 was good, but you two just blow me away..

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