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    I have WP installed on my own server. I have Akismet installed and working correctly. The original installer of my blog set up Akismet with a key under his own account. When I installed wp-stats, it asked for a key, so I tried entering in the existing key that is used in Akismet but got error that it did not match. So I registered for my own wp.com account, got my own key, and changed the akismet key to the one provided in my wp.com account. Now I try to enter that for the wp.com stats plug-in in my installation, and it gives back error saying:

    emError from last API Key attempt:
    The owner of that API Key (jasong955) is not on the access list for this blog. When this blog was registered, neilcrespi’s API key was used. To add you to the access list, neilcrespi must visit this blog’s stats dashboard page and use the form at the bottom of that page.em

    But I no longer have access to the original installer (neilcrespi). I thought by changing the Akismet key to my own key would then allow the stats plug-in to accept it, but alas. Any ideas how to get the stats plug-in to take my key that the Akismet plug-in is telling me is valid, as does the wp.com web site? Any support is greatly appreciated.



    Contact support with your problem. If anyone can do something, it’s them.


    Was this ever resolved? I’m having a very similar issue myself at the moment. Old email address went away, can’t remember my old wp.com pass when I signed up ages ago, etc.



    My GOD. I went to wordpress support and guess what…

    “We only provide support for WordPress.com blogs here. Please go to the WordPress.org Support Forum for further help.” This is ridiculous.



    you could just sign up for another username and get a new api key. or switch to a stats plugin that is actually supported by the people who made it.

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