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  1. Has anyone else been prompted to take the survey to improve service?

    Does anyone have an idea what ideas are rumbling in the background nowadays? Many of the questions were oriented toward ads in blogs (with profit to the user), but I was wondering if anyone had heard news about different ideas or implementations afoot?

  2. I took the survey. I think this will get very interesting.

  3. Survey what survey?

  4. I took it, but it wouldn't let me submit it :(

    Either that or it did submit (probably about 10 times too) and there's no thank you screen.

    teck07, it showed up in my dashboard.

  5. Thank you for your reply katm,
    I haven't seen it in my dashboard yet
    must be a selected few... :)

  6. It's more likely that users who are asked to take part are chosen randomly...

  7. I found it today, on one of my lesser (practically never) used blogs, which I only keep for testing purposes. I would imagine WP would be able to target blogs with some traffic at least, or maybe this is to prove that it really is a "random" selection?

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