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  1. i'm new to bloging and recently opened a free account ( now i want to move up a notch and since i already have a hosting i want to transfer my blog there. i already found help here on how to transfer my blogs there but my question is this: can i still have the same adress for my blog? if i delete my excisting wordpress blog am i able to take the same adress,, and use it with my own hosting?

    any help would be truely appreciated.


  2. No you will not be able to use your subdomain with your new hosting.

    When we launch domain registration and parking, there will also be a forwarding feature which would allow you to forward your subdomain to a new domain.

  3. so do i understand correctly, it's not possible now but it might be in future?

  4. Sort of. What will happen in the future is that when someone types in into their browser, they'll wind up on your new site with it's new domain.

    Fox example, type in into your browser and see what happens. (You land up on one of Google's sites.)

  5. In the meantime, the best thing to do is simply post a final entry in your blog giving your new URL. Domain forwarding could take months to be introduced and may well be a paid feature; but don't worry, it won't take the search engines too long to pick up your new location.

  6. Much like what I did:

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