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  1. I'm considering a move to so that I can add the Google Friend Connect function, but I basically would like my blog to look the exact same and for my followers to be automatically redirected from my current address to my new address (probably with BlueHost).

    Are either of these possible?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. If you want your visitors to be redirected from a type of URL to your custom domain (for example,, there is an upgrade for that:

    I wouldn't switch to solely to add Google Friend Connect. I hope you understand the impact of moving to :-)

  3. I was afraid that the paid upgrade was the only option. I think that increased flexibility (google analytics and other such things) also are part of the equation. However, I don't really want to pay an additional $30 for the site to redirect to my new site (on top of web-hosting fees and paying for the domain name).

    Any other options that would make this work?

  4. Not that I know of.

  5. Thanks. I've sent an email to the staff. I guess all that I can do is wait and continue to look for outside options at this point.

  6. There's also the free alternative to simply put a sticky post or a header image saying that you moved and indicating the new address.

  7. I see no content in the site linked to your name and it is only a week old - so not much to redirect - the sticky Post suggestion from @airodyssey is probably fine.

  8. Thanks, airodyssey. I may end up going that route.

    Also, auxclass, I mistakenly had my account linked to a name that I was playing with when I changed over. It should link correctly now to my main blog. The blog is only a bit over a week old on WP, but it is months old on Blogger, and I had a massive amount of emails sent out letting everyone know of the change (and don't want to put everyone through that again).

    Thanks, everyone.

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