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    Am using DePo Masthead theme, http://yehhailife.wordpress.com, and am working on the CSS to add a background image. Am familiar with HTML, but not so much with CSS yet. I have all the images I want/need on my ftp site. How do I access them in order for them to appear? I know the CSS code is: body {background: url(../image1.gif)}, but where do I tell the CSS what/where the url is?


    The blog I need help with is yehhailife.wordpress.com.


    You replace the ” ../image1.gif ” with the URL of the image on your FTP site, or you upload the images to your wordpress media library and use the URL’s from there (that would make for faster loading times).



    Thanks a lot…I’ve tried exchanging it with the ftp site, but would I have to write it out fully? ie “ftp://www…..jpg” And as for the wordpress media library, what’s the url for that (sorry, probably real easy answer)….do I just keep it as: background image: url(…/image name.jpg)? Thanks again.


    Yes, you will need the absolute URL. If you upload the images to your media library, then you will have to get the actual absolute URL from the media library for the images. Typically it will look something like this: http://blogname.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/filename.jpg .



    Got it, thanks, it works in the w3schools try-out window. But still not in the preview for WordPress. :( Will have to find/solve it somehow. Have a good weekend.

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