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wrapping text around an image

  1. I know that this is the lazy way - but really !! ... I have looked - How do I wrap the text around an image?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. I typed "wrap text around image" and look what I found :-)

  3. well, thanks for that airo - but I'm talking about wrapping text around an image, not left right and centre alignments - I'm after words on the top, the sides and the bottom of the image - the site you recommended doesn't seem to cover that.

    I clicked on the wrapping links there and got a blank page

  4. @peterbowes
    Are you kidding? What using left or right image alignment creates is text wrapping.

  5. not kidding at all - wrap is wrap all around in my language - can it be done?

  6. What can be done is what we pointed to and that's all there is.

  7. Take a look here: . The first image was inserted at the beginning of the second paragraph. The second was inserted at the end of the sentence ending with "cetero consectetuer at." (the line the top of the image is on). Inserting at the end or beginning of a sentence in a paragraph is not a "precision" thing, but it can be done. You just put the cursor where you want the image (in the second case at the beginning of the sentence that is on the line where you want the image to be) and then insert.

  8. cheers sp, I'll give it a shot

  9. You are welcome.

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