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Wrapping text around pictures

  1. Please can you tell me how to wrap text around inserted pictured? Or pasting content with pictures from word?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I recommend this tutorial for all new folks:
    That is the page about inserting pictures, but the whole tutorial would be useful to get yourself acquainted with

    Also, here is the Support article about inserting images:
    and specifically about image alignment:
    What you need to know is that image alignment can be left, center, right or none.
    alignleft: text wraps on the right
    aligncenter: image in center, no text wrap
    alignright: text wraps on the left
    alignnone: image on left, no text wrap

  3. Do NOT copy / paste from Word!!
    For one thing, in order to have pictures you must either upload them to your media library or link to them online (Flickr for example).
    But the main reason not to paste from Word is that though it's a fine word processor, it does not speak "internet" very well at all. It adds all sorts of junk code which could break your theme. If you must paste from Word, do this:
    or this:

    Or if you find writing directly into the editor difficult get an offline editor:

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