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wrapping text, i'm sure this is simple and i'm being stupid...

  1. I'm currently hacking the kubrick theme to pieces (hence all the coloured lines round everything, so I can see what i'm doing)

    how do I get the text to wrap around the image? all I can get is one line sat at the bottom of the image, i'm using the image upload plugin, is that the problem? because i'm inserting the image when I'm writing the article. I read the codex help, but i still can't see what i'm going wrong...

    anyone help me?


  2. Unfortunately this forum is only for support of blogs.

    As you are self hosted you'll need to pose your question (and get a decent response) over at the site. Support forum

    EDIT: Having re-read the question, it's easy. In the src tag where you call the image use align="left" or "right" or whatever you need. You might also want to add "padding" tag too.

    Of course, you can do this for .img in the css too to apply for all images.



  3. Some themes also have built in support with special <div> tags that wrap text. It would be mentioned in the readme file if it does.

  4. DrMike will your 3-24-06 post (above) apply to Andreas-09? Can I view the readme file for Andreas-09? Is there a good clear post onthis in the forum, or in the codex? I thought I saw some text-wrapping (in Andreas) but can't figure out how to do it!

    Thanks, in advance. Pablo

  5. OK. Got it. It's clear enough in Collin's post above.

  6. Anyone who reads this thread via the search, my suggestion is to follow the link to the theme designer's website and actually download the theme and take a quick view of the readme file and any other docs within the zip file. You don't need to do anything with what you download but you might find some features for your theme. (ie Andreas' themes do do wraps)

  7. How about hosted sites?
    I tried adding align="left", class="left", to have wrapping text but to no avail. (theme is Andreas09) The html editor (I don't use wysiwyg one) removes those attributes from the img tag. I also tried "title" attribute, but it is removed also.

  8. Brood, have you followed my suggestion in the post above yours?

  9. drmike,
    I didn't. I guess I will. I did visit the designer's website, where it says that class="left", class="right" etc.. attributes can be used for this.
    But the problem is that after I add them, and then "save and continue editing", they disappear. I tried also by sending the post through Performancing for Firefox, but the attributes are stripped from the tags in this case also.

  10. You have to use the "align="left" (or right) tag in you image src for it tto display correctly.

    As you can see in this post on my blog the text wraps the image.

    The src for it is like so...
    <br />" align="left" alt="Fulford Porsche" /><br />

  11. Thanks marc it really works great

    But there is just one problem.
    How do i get the text back below the image instead of appearing on the right side?

    I've tried using the < p > code but it doesn't work.

  12. Help from anyone?

  13. do you mean how to place an image caption or something else?

  14. Oh no.
    What i meant was i wanted the text to appear below the image like a new paragraph and not wrapping around the image because i use the "align" code.

  15. either enclose IMG element into P[aragraph] and start text in another one:

    <p><img ... /></p><p> ... </p>

    or simply add a linebreak element after IMG if you want they belong to the same paragraph:

    <p><img ... /><br /> ... </p>

    btw: "we don’t want people to have to look at HTML and CSS code, which is antithetical to the purpose of".

  16. Wait a minute. I'm having what I consider modest success with wrapping. But I never went to download the theme from Andreas's site. Just followed instructions above in Collins' post:

    >>>In the src tag where you call the image use align="left" or "right" or whatever you need. You might also want to add "padding" tag too.<<<

    But what about captions? Will Options post a caption solution?

    (So afraid it's all spelled out in the documentation and I'm wasting time & space.)

    Thanks all!

  17. ¡hola Pablo,

    I'm afraid there's no docs on this subject, at least I've never seen such.

    meantime, the quotation in my post above remains a wishful thinking, sometimes I use a cheap trick to make a caption using a 1x1 cell TABLE element.

    while it may work for now (and it does), nevertheless it's an outdated and deprecated technic which returns us back into 1996.

    basically it looks like the following snippet:

    <caption align="bottom">
    Caption text goes here
    <img ... />

    honestly, it doesn't worth it to bother with caption here (and now) cause it really 'would be nice to have' for WP users a control 'Use description as a caption' in the image upload section so that caption style, image border and so on all would be consistent with the theme is being used.

    otherwise it may look rather randomly and distracting. the only point of captions in some of my posts is to inform a visitor they are going to open a new browser window.

    PS darn, looks like they really don't want user to see the code: forum choked it down but ate all indendts I put in it to ease its readabilty.

    so, once again it just proves that it doesn't worth to fiddle with any code on WP. ever.

  18. ah thanks alot options!
    got it solved! :D

  19. What Marc wrote, so all we have to do is take the url link of the image, not the html, and then place align="left" alt="Fulford Porsche" /> after it?

  20. Where do I feed back that the link for the theme designer for Rubric goes to some ecommerce / real estate website? I've been searching for several days now trying to get the Rubric theme on my own hosted blog, because using sold me on wordpress. :'(

  21. @randomstep - I have already answered your question in the other thread you activated. Asking the same question in two different threads is not cool and will not provide you with any quicker volunteer response. It's considered to be spamming. and run on two different code bases.
    This thread has to do with text wrapping and has nothing to do with your "issue" of downloading Rubic and plug-ins to your own server. Please, please ask your question where it can be answered over here
    Cross reference to -

  22. Feedback sent on the link issue with Rubric. I don't have a copy of it myself I'm afraid.

    edit: I found an older verion for WordPress 1.5 of Rubric for download here. You can try and see if it works for you.

  23. timethief, I apologize, I am not trying to spam. Honestly I didn't understand most of your reply. It's a pain in the patuty just trying to understand where I'm "supposed" or "allowed" to comment. I've been searching for days trying to figure this out before I asked for help, so again I'm sorry I asked in the wrong place. I also am having trouble finding the other thread I commented in - sorry again, I'm new and obviously don't know what I'm doing yet. (hence why I'm asking for help, ::grin::)

    drmike, thanks for the link. I had found that version, the only problem I have (at least right now) is that it doesn't support widgets. I'm trying to code it in myself, since I can't seem to find how to get the version already fixed. Unfortunately I'm not much of a coder, so it's going slowly.

  24. timethief, I've just spent several minutes searching (on both these forums and on, and I can't seem to find the other reply you mentioned. I'm going through your profile now to look at all your recent comments...could you point me in the right direction?

  25. Also, it looks like both you (timethief) and drmike are very active on these forums. Thank you both for your time and efforts that probably go unappreciated too often!

  26. @randomstep
    This is all said with a smile :) - I provided the cross-reference to the other thread above
    Do you notice how the last number there was 4 and if you click on it now there are only 2 replies?
    By providing the crossreferencing threads in each of the two posts you made I saved drmike the effort of discovering there were two spots where you asked the same thing.
    He then deleted your question and my answer in the thread so instead of 4 it became 2. No big deal:)
    BTW thanks for the thanks - I've been avoiding the forum today so I can get some blog work done. ;)

  27. timethief: doh! Seems obvious in hindsight - I went there but didn't see my comments. I had looked at several threads that I thought of commenting on, but didn't because I was trying to find the 'right' place.

    I'm getting some replies on, which is nice. I'm surprised there's not an IRC channel. Anyways, I'd just like to get it working and put it up on my blog so someone else doesn't have to rework it. :)

  28. drmike, thanks.

    Also, if anyone finds this thread looking for Rubric, vkaryl has updated it for me, see the thread here:

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