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    My blog is in Portuguese, and I want to put a language option(english and french), like a small flag in the corner,where you can click on, and automatically come on the translated pages. I would translate by my own, this is not the problem. I just want to know how I can do this. Thank you!


    I couldn’t find a way to put in one of those little flags and link it to anything else (though I keep trying), so the only way I found to resolve this was to create an identical blog in a second language and create a tab at the top in that language that links with the other language. I also created a link to the other language in a sidebar. Have a look at http://jimenapoloeng.wordpress.com to see what I mean.
    The problem is that as the header is identical I sometimes get mixed up between the two, specially when I’m tired! :)


    Oh, and then I created http://jimenarte.wordpress.com, which is written in two languages…



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