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  1. Any one want to write for my site?
    Its a gaming site and we need reviews and people to write.
    Email [email address removed - hanni] if your interested.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Unless you want your email address harvested by spambots, you should never post it in a public forum.

  3. Removed. Might be a better idea to ask interested parties to comment on the site, or, use a contact form:

  4. Good luck finding gamers here. Tried looking for people myself but they are just too scarce.

  5. i write...but not only about'll not make a blog that much famous.....i'll also write some very good posts for tech... like in my blog--- >

    but what will you give??you can't expect anyone to work for free....what will be our rewards??

  6. ok email [email redacted] and ill add you.

    I cant really give anything for this but if the site gets popular you will be well know and ill advertise your site in the sidebar.

  7. @gaminguys - cookin' up some eggs to go with that spam. Scrambled or over easy? :)

  8. How much do you pay?

  9. @raincoaster
    he said he'll not pay....just if his blog gets famous he'll give our blog's name on his sidebar....

    sorry then....i can't this world $$ matters most.....try to work on your own blog...[if you have that power]///....and then make it famous....if you have even seen "naruto" then you should know what do...

  10. taylorcommunications

    leetgamer...what are you talking about? Just because no one writes about nothing but gaming, doesn't mean they aren't a gamer. I am a gamer, but no one would know by my blog.

  11. jayantraj7, I'm a professional blogger. It's what I do for a living. Naturally, I dislike it when people claim to be looking for writers when what they're looking for is suckers.

    Check my blog: I already Am famous.

  12. @raincoaster-I believe that's "famous" with a capital "F". :)

  13. taylorcommunications

    I don't know you, nor have heard of you. Just wondering what you mean by famous? To me, a recognizable name is famous. Johnny Depp, is famous. Steven Tyler, is famous. Hell even Susan Boyle is famous.

    Do you mean you are famous in the blogging world?

  14. And apparently fame comes with an attitude.

  15. Qraincoaster I went to your blog. Man! three million hits. How long have you been a professional blogger?

  16. Of course fame comes with an attitude! You hope to run a successful blog and you don't know this?

    I've been a professional blogger and social media trainer for close to five years now.

  17. Of course fame comes with an attitude! You hope to run a successful blog and you don't know this?

    No sh*t. Blogging is competitive and of course those who work their butts off to achieve "fame" do have a winning attitude.

    <blockquoote> And apparently fame comes with an attitude.
    But let's not overlook the obvious here. Those who aren't successful have "attitude " too. I guess the difference may be the answer to the question: How's it working for you so far?

  18. Attitude shmattitude. One can live of blogging? Wow. How awesome is that!

  19. misplacedperson

    @raincoaster: I'm with zoey here. Why the snotty attitude? If you (understandably) don't want to contribute to another site for free, then fair enough. But there are plenty of people out there who write for the fun of it, and might be quite happy to do so. No reason why gaminguys shouldn't ask the question, is there?

  20. @raincoaster: got your back zoey, i mean gaminguys is really not demanding much. it's all fair and simple hes just looking for people who can give him honest criticisms. that doesnt seem difficult to give is it?

  21. How's that working out?

  22. I'll write! :)

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