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  1. Hey, a while back i put in a post here about writing for us.
    If you want to the email [email removed - hanni]
    If you don't then please don't even comment here.
    It was really annoying to have people saying "oh, No one will write for you".
    Also don't take this email address off the post. I know people said "you will get spam" but i already get lots and it automatically goes into my spam file.

    So if you want to write for us email [email removed - hanni]

    Or just go on


    The blog I need help with is

  2. This isn't the place for posts like this. The off-topic forum, or the showcase forum is the place for this type of post. The main forums are for issues relating to using and troubleshooting wordpress.COM blogs, and helping bloggers get the most out of their blogs.

    From now on, if you want to post this sort of thing, please do not put it in the main support forums.

  3. As far as your email address, that will be up to staff. I've modlooked this thread. If staff wants to remove the email address, they will do it.

  4. Also, there is no WWW in your blog URL here. There isn't in any wordpress.COM blog URL.

  5. Ok ill put it in the off-topic forum.


  6. I've modlooked this and staff will move it over for you.

    You're welcome.

    The showcase forum would be a good bet as well.

  7. Ok, thanks.

  8. How much do you pay?

  9. There are FOUR threads on the subject now:

  10. I'm not paying. Some people may want to write for free.

  11. Fair enough, I just always ask because it's best to put that right up-front.

  12. ok

  13. Moved.

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