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Writer For Hire (Will Work For Recognition)!

  1. Connections, connections, connections…they are so important. How’s a girl supposed to get anywhere without them? Of course, a winning smile, sassiness, charm, integrity and some talent doesn’t hurt, but connections make climbing to the top so much easier!

    The bottom line: I want to be published anywhere I can. One day I want to make money by having my work published, but right now I just really want to get my name “out there.” I am willing to take on anything. You name it, I’ll write it. I would be thrilled to add to your website or blog, make your life a little easier, free up some time in your day, if only you will print my name on there somewhere. If you want to pay me, that’s cool too.

    Interested? Leave a comment!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hey why not. If you'll write for free and be good at it why not? My blog is pretty much a collection of random observations so write something and I'll post it kudos to you! Unless you already have something you want me to post. mk?

  3. Cool idea. Liked yr post 'bout nature. Was thinking of writing something similar about why children love sand and will head for the nearest sandpit in a grime-filled area (likewise water and grass) rather than walk on tiles. May still do this. Anyway, I have two blogs: and The first is about women, life, children, lifestyle choices, etc. I am also thinking of integrating a few short stories for kids - which might appeal to you! I would also be happy for you to write anything else that appeals to you and publish in your name. The opinions of other women would be interesting to me - and I agree with most of what you've said on your blog. The other blog is about business, current affairs, social issues, etc. Welcome to contribute as well.

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