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Writers block

  1. So I'm starting a blog and I'm not giving it a theme so you know I write whatever I want -I guess it's mostly based on thoughts, deep meanings , ways of thinking but also I have other pages on creative projects and you know stuff like cakes

    What exactly do you think I should do?
    What would you like to be reading?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have several posts on writer's block in my blog and you can use this link to locate them

    This one may be the most helpful

  3. P.S.This technical support forum is only for posting technical support questions and answers to them, and cannot be used for the purpose you posted on, so I'm tagging it for closure.

  4. Well aren't you nice

  5. Thank you for the kind words. You might want to post here

  6. Why do people who have nothing to say want to blog in the first place?

    How long till this person posts asking for contributors to the blog (for free)?

    See, tt IS actually nice. It's not not-nice to say things you don't want to hear. It's not-nice to say rude things. That's where I come in.

  7. Well I'm sorry if I sounded insulting, I honestly did feel that the reply wasn't presented in the most friendliest way , regardless of what anyone else thinks. But I'm sorry if that wasn't her intention to sound as so

  8. I provided a polite and correct answer and despite your cheap shot at me I provided yet another useful answer. So here's the actual copy and paste answer I could have posted:

    This is a technical support forum where we deal only with support issues. Our technical support forums cannot be used as bulletin boards for blog promotion, business promotion or discussion purposes.

    Anything other than technical support questions posted here is considered to be spam and is treated accordingly.

    Please respect our policy and promote your blog in social networks.

    This thread has been tagged for closure. Please do not continue to post into it and/or create additional threads of this nature.

    As for my intentions, along with raincoaster I have provided over 8 years of correct answers to support forum threads here. In my case that 3,297 pages of threads with 30 threads in each page.

    I am here to answer questions correctly and I post answers in plain English. If you are here looking for people, who will post sucky smarmy answers designed to make them appear to be friendly, then you will never get that from me. I can guarantee that from me you will get politely worded big girl answers to your questions - straight up.

    Mine is the reality of the interent - your either

  9. Mine is the reality of the interent - your either

    That phrase was posted in error.

  10. Write what you want to write, what interests you. The whole intent is to have fun, many people get a blog because someone told them they should have one, then have no idea what to do with it.

    Some people should not really have a blog, they have no interest

    Write what you want and don't worry much about what people think.

    Look in the forum here for ways to improve your blog if you want, @timethiefs's site has a ton of better blogging ideas

  11. @auxclass
    What it takes to be a successful blogger are the 5 P's Passion, Purpose, Productivity, People skills, and Persistence that I posted about here

    My experience is that most bloggers dive into blogging without:
    having a clear sense of purpose for the blog;
    knowing who their target audience is;
    learning how to write for the web;
    developing a time management model that helps them live up to their own expectations and readers’ expectations.

    And, that is why they abandon their blogs or delete them in less than a year's time from when they registered them.

  12. What it takes to be a successful blogger are the 5 P's Passion, Purpose, Productivity, People skills, and Persistence

    @TT - you take a more formal approach than I do - there are many reasons people have blogs, the most "successful" ones are where the blogger is driven - but who is to define "successful" - to me - it is simple - the blogger enjoys what they have done - no more no less - yes I like traffic even to my long neglected cookie etc. blog - but it servers a purpose in it's own way - when I take the deviled Eggs to a potluck I can give or send them a link if they like the deviled eggs or the cookies.

    Do I feel a bit bad about neglecting it, yes - and I have several different observations that have never quite made it to print - but it sits there for when the spirit moves me - -

  13. thank you for your help :)

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