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Writers: don't you hate it when...

  1. other people summarize so poignantly something you've been trying to say for a long time?

    "tell me now, where was my fault
    in loving you with my whole heart?"

    why didn't I think of that? ugh.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't think that particular thought has ever occurred to me. When I see people who are more talented than me, I just tell them so.

  3. well, I do agree that they should be rewarded for their greater talent. I guess I just wonder how they do it. :]

  4. i dont get it?

  5. rarely happens to me. Not to say that I'm a better writer than anyone, but when it does happen, believe me, I'm either ecstatic or envious about the discovery.

  6. I just don't acknowledge the possibility someone could be more talented than myself. It works.

  7. I usually quote and reference something that I find inspirational.

  8. I have too much to say and I'm impressed by those who can "squeeze" a lot of information in few words. Nowadays I copy-paste well-summarized thoughts and give credit to the author (links, source...). I give myself credit for finding good writers...

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