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WriteWriters right good blog

  1. My blog is a place for me to air my views and opinions on a range of topics. I hope my writing is amusing as well as instructive, maybe. I will update this of any new posts and would love to hear what other bloggers are posting about.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. New Post: About my hopefully amusing experiences on buses. After the shatteringly emotional damage I hope it creates a little chuckle at least, please check it out!

  3. New Post: My thoughts on Serena Williams' reaction to a decision in the US Open Final, let's just say she wasn't too happy.
    Check it out and let me know what you think.

  4. NEW POST-the excitement is too much I can tell, well no need to worry just head over to my blog and you can read the new and highly topical post about Carlos Teves and his hmm unique? actions in the recent Manchester City Champions League football match.
    Many thanks

  5. another new post, hurrah! It's about my first few weeks at uni-and my initial experiences while living away from home for the first time...dead exciting

  6. First crack at poetry- would love some feedback, drop me a comment or a like anything would be great. Thanks again, WriteWriter.

  7. SECOND PIECE OF POETRY. Capitals are for effect I sincerely hope it worked and did backfire to make me look an idiot....
    I hope it's a good read-it's quick, exciting and maybe even slightly amusing to read but then again I have a bias view ha.

  8. NEW POST!
    My latest post is debating whether or not Theatre as an art form is dead. It's not actually as boring as it sounds and will most certainly make you a more cultured individual if you take time to give it a scan :)

  9. NEW POST!
    This post is about how quickly the year has gone for me and what a crazy shock it was to find out we are actually in December! I hope it's an interesting post to read and pledge to post on each day of the twelve days of Christmas, which is flipping exciting :) Check it,

  10. you should spice you wordpress appearance up some give a lil more eye candy to grab attention
    look at my site

  11. I take your point and fair enough, but personally I like the simplicity of my blog, I want the attention to be on my writing as I don't have any personal photography to use. Just my opinion. Thanks all the same :)

  12. NEW POST
    My latest post is about how to get snow on your blog, which is amazing! Also rambling as usual but tackling the task of whether I have grown out of Christmas because at the moment I don't feel at all ready for the big day!
    Please check it out and comment and subscribe, thanks

  13. 100pr00f,

    joejames93's blog has its own simplicity...i agree with that... and i like your blog too... its pretty cool.

    james point is on his writings... but its nice if you have more attractive blog more than your writings rights, because first impression comes on the first place to let them read what's inside.

  14. @partz thank you and I totally understand the whole theme situation-do I go for simplicity or manic colour. I like simplicity but to be honest I haven't really looked for another theme to use I may have a look later on. At the moment I just about have enough time to focus on my writing, in the holiday I might have a look. Thanks for commenting.

  15. NEW POST
    My latest post is about the recent racist videos hitting youtube and the impact of racism on Britain. Is there a growing racist viewpoint in britain, if so why and how should it be dealt with?
    Please check it out and subscribe, I feel it's an important topic. Many thanks

  16. Tomorrow starts the exciting challenge that is to post for the twelve days of Christmas, well I don't know if they are the official 'Twelve Days of Christmas' but it's the 12th tomorrow and that brings us up to Christmas, whooo!
    I will be posting a post each day and the posts will be Christmas related-what type of things will you be rambling about I hear you demand, well I just haven't a clue at the moment-this really will be exciting ha :)
    Would be great if you could check out my posts out and leaving a comment would really help as I've have never been disciplined enough to do a post-a-day!
    Wish me luck, thanks

    That's right today I start my official twelve days of Christmas. So if your feeling dead Christmassy then swing by and feel even more excited about how close it all is, or if you're not feeling this Christmas malarkey yet then swing by and you sure will do after you've read my first 12days of Christmas post!
    So jump on it, jump on it!

  18. NEW POST
    This is my first post of my Twelve Days of Christmas.
    Check it out and let me know what you think, also tell me of any requests for things to write about in these next 12 days to get us all feeling terribly Christmassy.
    Thanks again

  19. NEW POST
    The Second post of Christmas is up and it's all about snow oh yeah, so go on, check it out and let me know what you think....Any suggestions for Christmas posts are very welcome, just leave me a comment!

  20. NEW POST
    The third post in my Twelve Days of Christmas series. Today it's all about Christmas shopping, oh yeah you either love it or you hate it!
    Come and check it out and leave a comment
    Thanks again :)

  21. NEW POST
    Ok apologies it's a little late but here is the fourth post in my Twelve Days of Christmas series. This one is about the decorations-The Big Question, when is too much?
    Check it, thanks

  22. The Fifth post in my Twelve Days of Christmas series. This post is about my last day of Uni for the term and the desire to now just come home!
    Come check it out and let me know what you think, thanks

  23. NEW POST
    The sixth post in my Twelve Days of Christmas series- This post is all about Christmas cards, are they actually an environment hazard? I don't really know, to be honest! But what I do know is that you should check out my latest post :)

  24. NEW POST
    The seventh post in my Twelve Days of Christmas series.
    Today is about the Nativity story and what it means for us today.
    Come check it out and let me know what you think, thanks

  25. NEW POST
    Today is my eight post of my Twelve Days of Christmas series. This post is about the big Christmas tree questions....dun dun you get a fake one or a real one?
    Check it out here-

  26. NEW POST
    My Ninth post in my Twelve Days of Christmas series...and this one is a touch of poetry.
    Come have a gander...thanks

  27. NEW POST
    My tenth post in my Twelve Days of Christmas series-this one is about how my work has ruined my Christmas!
    Come check it out, thanks

  28. NEW POST
    My Eleventh post in my Twelve Days of Christmas series. This one is about the delights of Christmas food, will you accept my challenge?
    Come find out here

  29. NEW POST
    My final post in my Twelve Days of Christmas series.
    Come and check it out

  30. NEW POST
    How much is a university degree actually worth?
    Come have your say here
    Thanks :)

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