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    each of my posts, is presented with two links in its top: one linking to the previous, the other to the next one. I don’t want those links to appear, because they alter the order I want my posts classified, presented and read. This order is assured through a book index in my blog. My question is how I can have them disappear. Can anyone help me ?? thank you.


    The only way is by modifying the CSS with the paid CSS upgrade, and that upgrade is not recommended unless you have CSS editing experience. There is no official support for editing CSS.



    thank you thesacredpath. I already use the instructions in “how to write a book”. Having different posts in any “Chapter” I use a table of contents for each, in an individual page. All those pages, appear in my sidebar, by use of the widget “pages”, except the one having the posts. The front page, is used to initially access each table. All is OK, but the page containing all the posts, remain the one presenting the problem. Giving that any post is linked to the corresponding title in its table of contents by its URL, I am thinking if the problem should disappear, if I eliminate the page containing all the posts. Is it possible ?? I prefer not to be concerned with the editing of the CSS …



    If I understand what you’re describing, let me caution you. If you eliminate the page containing all the posts, all of the posts will disappear. That is your blog.

    Could you provide a link to your blog, starting with http, so we can take a look for ourselves?



    Thanks raincoaster. Although my blog is in Greek language, I think its organization is easy understandable, according to what I expose above. So, its URL is:


    clicking on the titles in the sidebar, you go to the chapters with, in each, its contents in posts. Going to a post by clicking on the contents and clicking on the top icon presented on each, you return to the chapter whose sidebar, permits you to go anywhere in the blog. So, I do not need those boring “previous” and “next” links which alter the order I intend for them and merge unexpectedly the chapters.

    I hope that simple concept, be useful to others to.

    In the case it is necessary to edit the CSS and you can help me, in this job, in order to eliminate the undesirable links, I thank you in advance.

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