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    One of my group who are using this group blog (P2 theme) has asked if I can do this

    In the admin area go to Settings -> Writing and under Remote Publishing
    you’ll see a checkbox for XML-RPC. Check that, click ‘Save Changes’ and
    XML-RPC services will be turned on for your blog

    I can’t see anything in the settings that does this. And I am not quite sure what he means. Can anyone help?

    The blog I need help with is dalesdoughdo.wordpress.com.


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    Are you talking about Post by email?

    Sorry I don’t see Remote Publishing; is your group blog on wp.COM and not wp.ORG?



    Hi Tess, no my group blog is that P2 .com one that you helped me with before This group member wants to use his phone to post with. I think some sort of app? I don’t have a clever phone so don’t quite know what he means. Maybe he has downloaded an app that works with the org blogs and not the com blogs? I think it is WordPress for Android, which according the blurb works on both..? I don’t know much about this at all. Should have found out more before I posted this. Sorry.



    Can I just add to this… R has just made a test wp.com blog now he is a wordpress user and he can use his app on his phone to publish to that fine. He thinks it could be a permissions issue, because on the one he has created to test his phone he is ‘administrator’ and on the group blog he is ‘author’. Could someone look into this a bit and see if there is an answer somewhere.



    More feed back. I just made R into Editor and he can post from his phone now. So it is something in the Author permissions I guess.


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    My phone is not clever either; if it were I wouldn’t know what to do with it.

    Your friend probably knows, but there is a forum for iPhone:

    And a forum for the mysterious Android:

    Maybe one of those forums would be useful?
    Maybe you or he could find out why he’d have to be an Editor? Or maybe someone else here with more phone savvy will explain…

    By the way, how is P-2 working for your group?

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