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    Hi guys,

    I finished my nanowrimo e-novel on November 25. I’ve posted it on my blog for visitors to read but only in chapters, which made the reading lengthy. Also, i’m worried somebody may try to copy it and submit it somewhere (english novels written by Ethipoians are rare in Ethiopia and people will do anything to get a few bucks). So… i thought i might post it all in one file using Acrobat reader. Problem is, the version i have on my pc is Acrobat 5.0. I am not allowed to download free softwares on my pc neither. So what do you suggest i do? Is there any way Acrobat 5.0 can create pdf files. If yes, how? Or is there any other program on wordpress that would allow me create a file people won’t be able to copy?


    The free Acrobat READER doesn’t create pdfs, just reads them. To create elaborate pdfs you need the full Acrobat application, which is not free.

    But you don’t need Acrobat itself for turning a document into a pdf. If the application in which you created it is not an outdated version, it should have an option for saving a copy as a pdf (usually under “Print”).

    Note that you can upload a pdf file in your blog but you cannot display it directly: only give a link to it.

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