Writing Blog: Text Appears in HTML – Difficult to add Images

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    My draft blogs (using Dashboard to access) have suddenly started to appear in HTML and in very small font. This means (1) I can barely see what I’ve typed (2) images are difficult to add (the cursor doesn’t stay in positioned place) and I can’t see where the HTML code for the pic ends and the text/blog starts.
    It took me over 2 hours to get a blog up yesterday (and less than a day later it had ‘disappeared’) and if I can’t get it fixed, won’t bother writing any more blogs.
    Advice please.

    The blog I need help with is 3rdeyesymbolism.wordpress.com.



    The blog linked to your username is not a free hosted WordPress.com blog and we do not provide support for it on these WordPress.com support forums. If that is the site you refer to and if you don’t have a username account at WordPress.org click http://wordpress.org/support/ and register one on the top right hand corner of the page that opens, so you can post to the support forums there and receive advice from WordPress.org bloggers.



    If the blog you refer to is this one http://3rdeyesymbolism.wordpress.com/ Please post screenshot, upload it to your Media Library, and return to this thread to provide the file name so Staff can examine it.


    I have posted a screenshot to the media library.
    The document is called: WordPress Assist-HTML Dash

    I won’t put the http link up as it probly means people can gain access to my dashboard.

    So a segment of the page is as follows:

    There is a place – a dimension – in the ether: <img src=”http://3rdeyesymbolism.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/oculus-of-the-pantheon2.jpg?w=100″ alt=”Oculus of the Pantheon” width=”100″ height=”150″ class=”alignright size-thumbnail wp-image-2444″ />outside of every individual – where free wisdom, knowledge and sublime sensations, experiences and sweetness* magically happen. It is a place where vast arrays of exquisite words reside, waiting to be called upon by the individual who seeks to describe the luminous, original, personal awakening of their enlightened, higher and inner self: the zone of Superintelligence and Superconsciousness.

    All the html appears where there is supposed to be an image; and in the text – it’s tiny and in html.

    Tks for assistance.
    Do I need to send this info elsewhere?

    Signed 3rd Eye Symbolism.



    Please post the link to hte uploaded media file: the screenshot. Nobody can access your dashboard just by looking at a screenshot unless you’ve put the username and password in the screenshot.



    No, not the link to the preview page, the link to the image itself. You uploaded an image, so go to the media library, find the URL of the image, and post the URL here; the URL of the image, not the draft post you inserted it into.


    I will post a link for the image but that is only part of the problem – you will see from the dashboard link I posted that all codes are shown on the page (isn’t that wot HTML is?). Furthermore (1) the font is miniscule (about 8 pt), (2) amendments/changes are impossible cos once I have scrolled down the page and stop at the point at which I want to make a change, the cursor shoots up to the top of the page so I can’t alter the text or add images (they all appear at the top of the page, (3) all usual tool bar options have been removed – eg can’t centre text.

    Here is the media library link.

    The link / url that I got the image off of is:

    But please, the problem is much bigger than just the image…….



    I gave that in a previous post.

    Suddenly I’m seeing lots and lots of string.

    Actually the problem was dead simple to resolve.
    And I’m not even a computer expert, or blog expert (obviously).

    Still looking for a new BLOG provider.

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