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    I am having a lot of trouble when I write in the posting box. What happens is that I will be typing, I will reach the bottom of the box, and then, as I continue to type, the box suddenly scrolls upwards. I am fairly sure that this is not the fault of my computer. I am using Windows IE, (the latest one, I think) on a Windows XP operating system. Am I doing something wrong?



    Sounds very odd if you are using IE8 and Windows XP.

    Even though its not a solution, what I would do is just go to the bottom right corner of the textarea where you write your post and just stretch it out long enough so you wont have to worry about it.



    I believe there’s an “Accessibility mode” or something in IE. Try selecting that under your preferences and see if that makes a difference.


    It is IE8 that is the issue. while on the editor page, activate compatibility view in your browser.




    Thanks, that’s great. It was something that pretty much only happened on IE8. Moral of the story? Get a better browser… Thanks!


    You’re welcome, and yes, IE8 is kind of schizophrenic. Hopefully IE9 or IE 25 will be better, although who knows with Microsoft?



    i cannot even get to the the write talkless of posting. i just
    signed up



    This is a good place to start > http://en.support.wordpress.com/getting-started/
    Here are the instructions for writing posts > http://en.support.wordpress.com/posts/#writing-a-new-post
    Here are the instructions for writing static pages > http://en.support.wordpress.com/pages/#writing-a-new-page

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